PGCE Primary and Early Years * Initial Booklist

PGCE Primary and PGCE Primary Early Years
Initial Booklist
To help you begin to get ready for the PGCE programme we suggest that you read
the following list of books. It’s not intended that you read them all – nor that you buy
them. Access the ones you can from a local library instead.
We have separated the list into sections to help you to target your reading
appropriately. Please note that ‘subject knowledge books’ are listed at the end and
will particularly useful where feedback from your interview indicated that you might
need to strengthen your understanding of particular subjects.
Introductions to various key areas:
Adey, P. & Dillon, J. (eds) (2012) Bad Education: Debunking Myths in Education.
Maidenhead: Open University Press (good at challenging basic assumptions about
education - introduces the critical perspective needed at Masters level - but very
Cockburn, A. (2012) Teaching Children 3 to 11: a student’s guide, London: Sage
Cunningham, P. (2012) Politics and the Primary Teacher, Abingdon: Routledge
(discusses the evolution of primary education policy in UK and engages critically with
current political debates - again useful for Masters level)
Gray, C. & MacBlain, S. (2012) Learning Theories in Childhood. London: Sage (a
basic text for those who have yet to learn about the key theorists)
Hansen, A. (ed) (2012) Primary Professional Studies. Exeter: Learning Matters (has
chapters on all areas of Professional Studies, liked to new standards)
Moyles, J., Georgeson, J. and Payler, J. (2011) Beginning Teaching, Beginning
Learning in Early Years and Primary Education (4th edition) Maidenhead: OUP.
(Good general text)
Phillips, D. K., and Carr, K. (2010) Becoming a teacher through action research:
Process, context, and self-study. London: Routledge (this one is all about action
research for trainees and beyond)
Taylor, K. and Wooley, R. (2013) Values and Vision in Primary Education.
Maidenhead: Open University Press
Sewell, K. (2012) Doing your PGCE at M Level. London: Sage (title says it all really!)
Recommended books on teaching, learning and child development:
Arthur, J. and Cremin, T. (2010) Learning to teach in the Primary School. London:
Canning, N. (2011) Play and Practice in the Early Years Foundation Stage. London:
Desailly, J. (2012) Creativity in the Primary Classroom. London: Sage
Dowling, M. (2009) Young Children’s personal social and emotional development (3rd
Edition) London: Chapman
Hayes, D. (2011) Foundations of Primary Teaching (5th Edition), London: Routledge
Langston, A. (2014) Facilitating Children’s Learning in the EYFS. Maidenhead: Open
University Press
Leeson, C. and Parker-Rees, R. (eds) (2010) Early Childhood Studies: an
introduction to the study of children’s worlds and children’s lives. (3rd ed) Exeter:
Learning Matters
Moylett, H.(ed) (2014) Characteristics of Effective Early Learning: Helping young
children become learners for life. Maidenhead: Open University Press
Shelton, F, and Brownhill, S. (2009) Effective Behaviour Management in the Primary
School. Maidenhead: Open University Press
Smith, P., Cowie, H. and Blades, M. (2011) Understanding Children’s Development
(5th Edition). Oxford: Blackwell
Waite, S. (ed) (2011) Children Learning Outside the Classroom: from birth to eleven.
London: Sage
Subject Knowledge Books
Note that you may wish to audit your current knowledge by looking at the
programmes of study for Key Stages 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum (be aware
these are no longer statutory from Sep 2013). You can find these at
You also need to read the revised Statutory Framework for the Early Years
Foundation Stage, available at:
Early in the programme we audit your subject knowledge in the core subjects
through a short test¹. The following books will help you with areas in which you are
less secure.
Haylock, D. (2010) Mathematics Explained for Teachers (4th Edition). London: Sage
Mooney, C. (2009) Primary mathematics: knowledge and understanding (4th edition).
Exeter, Learning Matters Ltd.
Tucker, K. (2010) Mathematics through Play in the Early Years (2nd Edition). London:
Bower, V. (2014) Developing early Literacy 0 to 8. London: Sage
Cox, R. (2011) Primary English Teaching: An Introduction to Language, Literacy and
Learning. London: Sage/ UKLA
DfE (2013) The national curriculum in England Framework Document: English
(pp13-87) (available online via Google)
Goouch, K. and Lambirth, A. (2011) Teaching Early Reading and Phonics. London:
Medwell, J., Wray, D., Minns, H., Coates, E. and Griffiths, V. (2012) Achieving
QTS, Primary English Teaching Theory and Practice. London: Sage/ Learning
Ofsted (2012) Moving English Forward (available online via Google)
Riley, J. (2006) Language and literacy 3-7: Creative Approaches to Teaching.
London: Sage
Rose (2006) Independent review of the teaching of early reading (available online via
Waugh, D. and Joliffe, W. (2013) English 5-11 Second Edition. Oxon: Routledge
Whitehead, M. (2010) Language and Literacy in the Early Years 0-7 4th Edition.
London: Sage
Wyse, D., Jones, R., Bradford, H. and Wolpert, M.A. (2013) Teaching English,
Language and Literacy. Oxon: Routledge
Waugh, D. and Joliffe, W. (2013) English 5-11 Second Edition. Oxon: Routledge
Bruton, P. and Thornton, L. (2010) Science in the Early Years: Building Firm
Foundations from Birth to Five. London: Sage
Devereux, J. (2007) Science for Primary and Early Years: Developing Subject
Knowledge. London: Sage
Harlen, W. and Qualter, A. (2009) The Teaching of Science in Primary Schools (5th
Edition). London; David Fulton
Johnsey, R., Peacock, G., Sharp, J. & Wright, D. (2012) Primary Science,
Knowledge and Understanding: Achieving QTS (6th edition). Exeter: Learning
OFSTED (2013) Maintaining Curiosity: A Survey into Science Education in Schools.
Available at: