We help physicians keep patients with medication management

Participating with:
Managed Care
Mass Health
If this
sounds like
any of your
patients, we
may be able
to help.
Contact us to arrange a
home eval for your patient:
We help physicians keep patients
with medication management issues
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well at home.
Do your patients….
Take multiple high risk medications?
Have recent changes to their medications?
Forget to or have difficulty taking their medications?
Have more than one physician prescribing medications?
Live alone?
Forget or have difficulty getting to appointments?
Our experienced clinicians will…
Reconcile your patient’s medications.
Provide education to ensure compliance.
Provide you with a complete list of medications.
Identify other needs and risk factors impacting compliance.
How often the home health team taught patients (or their family
caregivers) about their drugs*
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bvna – 96%
Mass. avg – 95%
Nat’l avg – 92%
*Data taken from Medicare.gov/homehealthcompare 2/11/14