Euan Kennedy

Euan Kennedy
I am a highly motivated, ambitious and hardworking BSc (Hons) Geology with Physical
Geography graduate, with aspirations to develop a career in the petroleum resource industry
North Street
Winterborne Kingston
Dorset, DT11 9AZ
Phone: (07769) 309159
Driving Licence: Full, clean
Key skills and abilities:
I am a highly organised and punctual team member, adaptable to any situation
I am calm and capable of working to strict deadlines under pressure
I have extensive IT proficiency
University Qualifications
2010-2013: Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton, BSc (Hons) Geology with
Physical Geography (2:2).
Mapping, field geology and geophysics experience: I have successfully completed a number of
geological mapping courses throughout my degree, which include week-long fieldcourses in Anglesey,
Ingleton and Tenby in the UK, as well as a two-week fieldcourse in Almería, Spain, where I studied the
transtensional Sorbas and Tabernas basins, and mapped the sedimentary and volcanic successions in
the Carboneras strike-slip system at El Argamason. These fieldcourses culminated in my Independent
Mapping Project last summer, where I spent five weeks mapping the sedimentary, igneous and
metamorphic rocks of the Isle of Skye, Scotland. I have since compiled an 8,000 word geological report
on my findings, and an A1-size, digitally produced interpretative geological map.
I have extensive experience in analysing and interpreting seismological and geophysical data, as well as
further experience in laboratory research including study and analysis of hand specimens and thin
sections, and the construction and interpretation of sedimentary logs. I also have experience in
geophysical techniques including seismic interpretation and resistivity surveying.
IT skills: I am proficient with a variety of software packages, including Microsoft Office 2010 (Word,
PowerPoint, Excel and Access), and specialist applications including ArcGIS, Corel Draw, Stereo32,
MATLAB, all of which I have used throughout my degree programme. I have further experience in data
handling through use of the statistical software programme ‘R’.
Communication and teamwork skills: I am able to work productively and efficiently as part of a team,
which is demonstrated by the successful completion of a number of group projects throughout my
degree course, including a comprehensive group investigation and report on the geomorphology of the
New Forest river catchment. This required the development of good teamwork skills in order to complete
scientific tests in the field, as well as good communication and diplomacy skills while coordinating the
write up of the report with each group member.
Positions of responsibility: At school I was a member of my Sixth Form Council, which involved
listening to fellow students and putting their ideas forward, along with my own, and debating them with
members of staff in order to improve the quality of the Sixth Form experience.
Attendance and reliability: I pride myself with being extremely punctual and reliable, and I have had
an exemplary attendance record through both my school and my university degree periods.
Motivation: During my five-week Independent Mapping Project in Skye, it was essential that I remained
highly motivated in order to ensure that my fieldwork was completed productively and 20km2 area was
covered within the time constraints. Writing up the report and interpretative map had to be conducted in
conjunction with numerous other university responsibilities, requiring excellent time management skills
and a very high level of motivation to ensure the high standard of work I pride myself in was met.
Lytchett Minster School Sixth Form, 2008 - 2010
A-Levels: Geography (B), ICT (B), Physics (D)
AS-Levels: Physical Education (D)
Lytchett Minster School, 2006 - 2008
GCSEs: Maths (A), Statistics (B), English Language (B), English Literature (B), Physics (B), Biology (B),
Chemistry (C), ICT (B), Geography (A), Religious Education (B), Physical Education (A), French (D)
Work Experience
2011: The Silent Woman Inn, Barman: my duties involved ensuring the successful operation of a busy
bar during lunchtimes, which required excellent interpersonal skills working with customers and other
members of staff, as well as displaying honesty and integrity when handling financial transactions.
2011: Birchwood Tourist Park: this part-time summer work involved me in a variety of jobs such as
assisting with the moving of caravans across the campsite, which had to be completed promptly and
efficiently. I also manned the checkout in the shop, which required high organisational skills, as well as
great personal skills when aiding customers.
2009-10: Lytchett Minster School, Cleaner: I am extremely hardworking and willing to undertake
unpleasant jobs, demonstrated by this part-time cleaning work. My shifts were two hours long, ensuring
work had to be completed quickly and efficiently. I was also responsible for locking classrooms/buildings
at the end of the shift.
2007-08: Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC, Sales Assistant: my duties included replacing stock,
stock management, helping to ensure the store was clean at all times and adhered with company policy,
offering face to face advice to customers and assisting them with a positive and friendly attitude and
dealing with any customer complaints in a calm manner, which allowed me to develop good personal
skills and teamwork abilities.
2007: Bovington Camp, IT Assistant: I completed two weeks work experience as an IT assistant at
Bovington Camp, which involved data inputting and assisting in the maintenance and repair of computer
systems across the camp, which required high levels of adaptability and productivity.
Personal Interests
Since January 2013 I have been a candidate fellow of the Geological Society of London. I am a highly
active individual and I enjoy outdoor activities. I successfully completed the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze
award in 2007, which included three months’ volunteer work at the Margaret Green Foundation Trust, six
months developing a practical skill and six months improving in an area of sport, all of which shows I am
very motivated and determined to see tasks through. This was followed by a two-day expedition around
the Purbeck hills. I enjoy team sports and I regularly play football for a university 5-a-side team, and I
have also been a member of Lytchett Cricket Club for the past four years.
Prof. Damon Teagle, Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton, European Way,
Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3ZH. E-mail:
Dr. Gavin Foster, Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton, European Way, Southampton,
Hampshire, SO14 3ZH. E-mail: