Breastfeeding Accommodation and Promotion Implementation Plan

Breastfeeding Accommodation and Promotion
Sample Implementation Plan
In accordance with our Breastfeeding Accommodation and Promotion policy, we
_____________________________ [name of organization] will implement the policy as follows
below, effective __________ [date].
1. We will allow breastfeeding employees a reasonable amount of break time to express
breast milk or nurse their infant.
2. We will designate a private and clean room with a lock on the door for mothers to nurse
their infant or express milk. The room will have an electrical outlet, a comfortable chair,
a table or other flat surface to hold a breast pump, and it will also be located near a sink
with running water for hand washing and cleaning of equipment.
3. The breastfeeding mother will be allowed to store her expressed milk in a cooler bag in
the employee refrigerator or in a locker or other secure location.
4. We will inform our staff about our Breastfeeding Accommodation and Promotion policy
by writing a memo to accompany the policy and e-mailing it to all staff.
5. We will provide all employees with a breastfeeding education packet, including a copy
of this policy and breastfeeding support after returning to work, prior to their maternity
6. We will promote an atmosphere of acceptance for breastfeeding mothers at the
worksite by posting breastfeeding friendly signage outside the lactation room and by
providing educational materials on the benefits of breastfeeding.
7. We will not tolerate any type of harassment towards a breastfeeding mother.
8. OPTIONAL: To ensure that all adults who work and volunteer at our organization know
about our Breastfeeding Accommodation and Promotion policy, we will integrate our
policy into new employee orientation, volunteer orientation, and any annual policy
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