calculating retro

Calculating Retroactive Support
2 types of judgments in orders
o Retro requested by CP
o Retro TANF judgment
1. Retroactive Support requested by CP
Applications received on or after 05/01/2014 will only go back to month of application. All
applications received prior will be able to request back to birth
o Regardless of date of application or date of birth, the start date will always be the 1st
 Ex: date of app is 7/25, retro will begin 7/1
Why does the CP need a DPA if she put
CP will not be granted retro if:
an amount on the retro affidavit? If the
o TANF was paid out
retro judgment begins at date of
o Parties lived together during requested time frame
application, any direct payments listed
Retroactive judgments will be adjusted if:
in the retro affidavit wouldn’t be in the
requested time frame.
o Direct payments were made and proof is shown.
When is the best time for a CP to
o Proof can be:
complete a DPA? The CP should return
 Direct Pay Affidavit completed by the CP
the DPA no later than the conference
 Amount indicated on retro affidavit
 LES  shows NCP has been paying military reg
 Receipts/void checks that state “child support
2. How is retroactive support calculated?
MSO * months requested = retroactive support judgment amount
o If applicable: retro amount –direct payments – months on TANF = judgment
 See Figure 1
o 1a: The time frame for the retro judgment will be the total time requested, even if retro
is not granted for every months
o 5: shows the judgment amount if there were no adjustments needed
o 2: shows where total amount of direct payments would go if applicable
o 3: where months TANF was paid out is deducted from (5).
 NOTE: Amount credited for months on TANF is not UPA:
 MSO * months on TANF
NOTE: prior support
 How do I know if TANF was paid out?  see heading 4
must go through the
3. Where does this go in the order?
end of the month prior
 On the ADMINEST screen under prior support
to the commencement
 See Figure 2 > #4
o Referencing figure 1, fill in the judgment amount in box 4a
 NOTE: the time frame is still the total time requested
4. How do I know if TANF was paid out?
Ways to tell if someone is on TANF
o Class/Status
 A/C  currently receiving
 B/C  previously receiving
How to find TANF timeframes
o Information needed: CBMS #
o Go to IVAINQ
 Enter CBMS # in bottom right
 Select OPT A; hit enter
 Select OPT A  list CBMS eligibility
o See Figure 3
 “AP” : CP received TANF during these timeframes, if end date is 99/99/9999, CP
is still receiving TANF
 “DC” : Discontinued, CP did not receive TANF during these timeframes.
 NOTE: the end date will always be the date it was looked up
5. TANF Judgments
This will be a SEPARATE JUDGMENT from the prior support judgment
Only back date to 05/01/2014 as the earliest start date, even if money was paid
out before 05/01/2014
o Even if the CP is not requesting prior support, TANF debt will be calculated if
paid out on or after 05/01/2014
 How to find how much was paid out to CP
 Get CBMS # & CP State ID (SID)
 Enter information from CASEDET1 in bottom right
 NOTE: the SID that is already in the SID box will be the NCP’s
 Select OPTION E
o See Figure 4
 Shows payments made to CP
 Timeframes can be narrowed by entering “201405” in the
“enter start key” on bottom left box 3
 #1 shows how many adults are on the grant, #2 shows how
many children are on the grant
o Review how many children are on the grant vs. how
NOTE: Even if CP didn’t begin
many children on the case:
receiving until mid or end of
o If 2 children are on the grant but only 1 is on the case,
month, the timeframes will still
begin on the 1 and end on the
divide the money paid by 2. If 2 children are on the
last date of the month
grant and both are on the case, the money paid out
does not need to be divided
Calculating TANF judgment
o See Figure 5
 NOTE: #1 payroll period beings at 05/01/2014
 #3 : only one child on the grant, so no need to divide money paid out
 #2 : the courts required money paid out be added up on a tape and then
be taped to the bottom of the screen shot
 In this example, CP only paid out 1 month during the time frame
 This amount is the UPA or unreimbursed public assistance
o To calculate TANF judgment amount, compare UPA to [MSO * months during
 The lesser will be the TANF judgment
Where does this go on the order?
o See Figure 2
 Enter UPA in expended amount box 2a
 NOTE: begin & end date are always 1st and last day of the month
 Judgment amount goes in box 2b
 In this example only one month of TANF was paid during the
timeframe, so judgment is one month MSO
Completing the 419 : Affidavit of Public Assistance Expended
o See Figure 6
 Complete boxes 1-4 with information entered in the ADMINEST >OPT A
(fig 2) screen
 Boxes 5-8 are in regards to foster care, which El Paso county doesn’t
collect at this time
 Boxes cannot be left blank or have “.” in them. N/A must be in
each box
 Once printed, each paragraph must be initialed and the doc notarized
 Screen shot of TANF paid & UPA calculation (fig 5) goes behind
What about the MAD payment?
Even if no prior support has been requested by the CP, TANF debt may still be calculated. If
a TANF judgment exists, a MAD (monthly arrears due) payment will still need to be entered.
See Figure 2 #1
How are the payments allocated?
The MAD will be applied towards any judgments. Any prior support judgment payments will
go to the CP, while payments for the TANF judgment will go to the state.
What if the CP was paid out TANF for the entire time prior support is requested?
If the CP was paid out TANF and her prior support judgment is 0, then in the ADMINEST >
OPT A (fig 2) will show option B for “NONE” in the prior support box