12th BADV Congress, Riga, May 30-31, 2014 Friday, May 30, 2014


12 th BADV Congress, Riga, May 30-31, 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014, University of Latvia

08.00 – 18.00 Registration

09.00 – 09.05 Welcome message, A.Rubins and I.Jakobsone

09.05 – 10.30 Case reports and Free communications

Chairman – I.Jakobsone, co-Chairman –N.Valdmane, J.Lielbriedis,


Soha A. (Latvia) – Report on two clinical cases: patch testing for the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis

Derjabo A. (Latvia) Rare presentation of squamous cell carcinoma mimicking melanoma

Adaskevich U. (Belarus) – Cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenital

Pryce D.W. (UK) - Delayed diagnosis of porphyria – 2 cases

Arcimoviča K. (Latvia) - Cutaneus Larva migrans

Kostiks A. (Latvia) - Neurosyphilis

Zabludovska K. (Latvia) – Late onset cutaneous mastocytosis

Saulite I. (Latvia) - Prolidase deficiency: a case report of two siblings with chronic leg ulcers

10.30 – 11.00 Coffee break

11.00 – 12.40 Plenary lectures

Chairman – S.Rubins, co-Chairman – U.Adaskevich, K.Cirule

Wolfram Hoetzenecker (Swithzerland) - „Adverse cutaneous drug reactions”;

Uladzimir Adaskevich (Belarus) - „Acute skin failure: causes and management”;

Silvestrs Rubins (Latvia) - „Vulvar diseases”;

Cheng-Che Lan (Taiwan) - „Phototherapy in dermatology: Immune regulation versus biostimulation”;

13.00 – 14.30 Lunch Symposium "Though the ages of the skin" (sponsored by MEDA and organized in Small Hall)

Moderator of this session: Dr. Raimonds Karls.

Raimonds Karls (Latvia) - "New insights into Atopic Dermatitis";

Kristine Zabludovska (Latvia) - "Changing view on Topical treatment for


Evelina Buinauskaite (Lithuania) - "A New Standard in Actinic Keratosis treatment".

15.00 – 16.40 Plenary Lectures

Chairman – S.Valiukeviciene, co-Chairman –F.Nyberg, Chung-Hong

Hu, I.Jakobsone

Saidkasim Arifov (Uzbekistan) - „Mycosis of pubic area caused by zoophilic trichophitia";

Chung-Hong Hu (Taiwan) - „Adult-onset immunodeficiency: dermatologic prospective”;

Kenji Takamori (Japan) - „Recent topic of itch in atopic dermatitis”;

Skaidra Valiukeviciene (Lithuania) - „Skin biological markers associated with diabetes”;

Filippa Nyberg (Sweden) - „What’s new in autoimmune diseases in the skin”.

16.40 – 17.00 Coffee break

17.00 – 17.30 Official opening

Marcis Auzinsh, Andris Rubins, Ingrida Rumba-Rozenfelde

17.30 – 18.15 Key not lecture

Chairman – A.Rubins

Constantin Orfanos (Germany) – „Diseases in Pigmented Skin. 10-Year’s

Experience in Africa”.

18.15 – 21.00 Welcome reception in University of Latvia

Saturday, May 31, 2014

08.00 – 18.00 Registration

09.00 – 10.30 Case Report, Free communications

Chairman – M.Šepte, co – Chairman – J.Lielbriedis, E.Buinauskaite,


Petraite A. (Latvia) Belimumab for the Treatment of Systemic Lupus


Kucinskiene V. (Lithuania) -The multiplex care of a patient with inherited epidermolysis bullosa

Onischuk B. (Latvia) – Malanoma. Dysplastic nevi

Šepte M. (Latvia) - Rare skin infections

Buinauskaite E. (Lithuania) - Treatment of Multiple Actinic Keratoses of The

Head Region

Chigorevska L. (Latvia) – Vitiligo-like hypomelanoses in children

09.00 - 10.30 Course ir Rheumderm diseases (covering CLE, DM and SCL).

Moderator - prof. Filippa Nyberg (Sweden). Course will take place in the

1st Auditorium.

10.30 – 11.00 Coffee break

11.00 – 13.00 Plenary Lectures

Chairman – K.Kingo, co-Chairman – Ch.Bunker, I.Jakobsone

Annamari Ranki (Finland) – „Cutaneous Lymphomas”;

Chris Bunker (UK) - „Toxic epidermal necrolysis”;

Kulli Kingo (Estonia) – „Differences in immune profile of adult and juvenile skin”;

Klaus Fritz (Germany) - „Focused cold therapy for dynamic facial lines”;

Thomas Krieg (Germany) - „Therapeutic principles in inflammatory

connective tissue diseases".

13.00 - 15.00 Workshop “Microscopy of genital tract smears”. Organized by prof.

Harald Moi and prof. Marius Domeika.

Detailed information in the section "Workshop"

13.30 - 15.00 Free comunications

Chairman – P.Ozolins, co-Chairman – A.Audickaite, A.Berzina

Upeniece I. (Latvia) – New implications in understanding the pathogenesis of lichen planopilaris

Smirnova O. (Latvia) - Premalignant irritant skin tumours in the dermatology practic experience

Audickaite A. (Lithuania) - Project LIFE UNDER THE SUN: benefit on pupils’ knowledge and habits

Berzina A. (Latvia) - Long-pulsed 1064-nm laser in the treatment of onychomycosis

Briedite I. (Latvia) - Sexual behavior and knowledge about sexually transmitted infections of gynecologic patients

Karelson M. (Estonia) - Norwegian scabies in a young HIV-negative man

Kliunkiene R. (Lithuania) -Infrared thermal, ultrasound, and optical skin capillaries imaging for the monitoring of diabetic foot complications

Janovska J. (Latvia) – Gateway to the skin challenges in metabolic syndrome

Januskevica I. (Latvia) – TB in People Living with HIV: where we are?

Zykava V.S. (Belarus) – Arthropathic psoriasis : dermatological diagnosis

15.00 - 15.30 Coffee break

15.30 - 17.00 STI – Symposium „STI managment-international practice and

recommendations” (in Small Hall)

Chairmans: A.Poder, M.Domeika, M.Gomberg, R.Patel

Keith Radcliffe (UK) - „Epidemiology of STIs – „What are the trent today?”;

Mikhail Gomberg (Russia) - „Male infertility and the role of human herpes viruses’’;

Harald Moi (Norway) - „Bacterial vaginosis as sexually transmitted infections”;

Raj Patel (UK) - „Managment of the HSV infection with the special regards to the pregnancy”.

17.00 - 17.30 Final remarks and closing, A.Rubins