How to ensure the uniform access
conditions for bus passengers to
other modes of transport?
Ministry of Transport
of the Republic of Latvia
September 5, 2013
The goal of Transportation
development guidelines 2013-2020:
• Available and affordable public transport
which ensures access throughout the whole
country by providing of…
• …convenient and unified public transport
system which can provide good connections
between bus and rail services.
Transport development guidelines
2013-2020 (tasks)
Implementation of unified public transport
planning in intercity and regional routes
Unified policy on tariffs
Unified tickets
Network of Inter-City Bus Coach
Routes in Latvia
Rīga and Pierīga Mobility plan: Promotion of
accessibility to public transport (I)
Creation of multimodal transfer points, PARK & RIDE system
Rīga and Pierīga Mobility Plan: Promotion of
accessibility to public transport (II)
Integration of rail transport into the network of Riga city
public transport system
Promotion of accessibility to public
transport (III)
• Connection of regional routes with Riga city
• Application of unified tariffs in regional
transport system carried out under
principles of state procurement
• Implementation of unified ticketing in all
modes of public transport (city transport,
rail, bus coaches)
National development plan of Latvia
until 2020
 Priority – “territories promoting development”
- Establishment of preconditions for sustainable
and balanced economic development in
Latvia`s cities and rural areas, following the
model set by the Sustainable development
strategy of Latvia until 2030 :
- 9 developing centres of national importance
- 21 developing centres of regional importance
Development centres
and funkcional
Thank you!
Deputy State Secretary
Ministry of Transport
Republic of Latvia
5 September, 2013