Pension Lives On

It’s about living on the
Age Pension now and ensuring
the Age Pension lives on
The Australian Government is making sure the social security system is affordable and
sustainable for today, and tomorrow. Regardless of what you may have heard:
The Age Pension will continue
Indexation will continue to happen twice every year in March and September
The most recent indexation (March 2015) gave a payment increase of $153.40 per
year to single age pensioners receiving the full pension
The same indexation saw an increase of $228.80 per year for couples receiving the
full pension
The Australian Government will also provide ongoing support to pensioners with
Commonwealth concessions including the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)
and the Medicare Safety Net
Concessions for local government council rates, utilities and public transport are a
matter for your state government.
We will keep you informed of any changes to the social security system before they occur.
It’s about ensuring the Age Pension is here to help support those who need it now, and for
generations to come.
For more information go to
Age Pension
The Age Pension provides income support and access to a range of concessions for eligible
older Australians. For more information on the Age Pension, go to
Commonwealth concessions
Pensioner Concession Card holders can access Australian Government health concessions
and get help with the cost of living by reducing the costs of certain goods and services. For
more information on the Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card, go to customer/services/centrelink/pensioner- concession-card
State concessions
State government concessions can be used to provide assistance to a range of individuals.
For more information on the government concessions available in your state or territory, go
to concessions-states-and-territories
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