Monthly Report Sep, 2015 Project: An Inkjet

Monthly Report Sep, 2015
Project: An Inkjet-Printable Node with Olfactory-Sensing for Environmental Monitoring (IP-NOSE)
1. Team members (highlight team member modification, e.g., new members join, or some students graduate)
Ph.D. student: Wen-Yu Chuang
Graduate: Yu-Chen Su, Wei Wang, and Wei-Ting Shih, Nouman Ali
2. Discussion with champions
a. How many times? (please inform if it is face-face,by phone, or e-mail)
b. What are the major comments/conclusion from the discussion
3. Progress between last month and this month
a. Summary of key findings and innovation, and/or
Analysis for PPy/AZO/Fe2O3 based sensing material.
During the results of Raman, FTIR, and XRD, there is no chemical reaction between the
blending of AZO, Fe2O3 and PPy. The blending of Fe2O3 led to the more reduced state
and more N-H formation of PPy then resulted the more reaction between PPy and
Selectivity test of three kind of gas sensors (CO2, humidity, NO2 sensors) for humidity
and NO2 response.
For NO2 10 ppm, humidity sensor and CO2 sensor performed lower than 1% resistance
and impedance variation which were much lower than NO2 sensor (26.81%); For
humidity testing, CO2 sensor performed lower than 0.1% response and NO2 sensor
performed lower than 30% response, these responses were also much lower than
humidity sensor (over than 200%). These kind of sensors performed high selectivity
characteristics which were feasible as the self-calculate multi-sensors.
b. Negative results and their consequences, and/or
c. Cross-project synergy
4. Brief plan for the next month: Updated view of planned milestones, deliverables, and success
1) New materials survey for CO2 sensing.
2) Algorithm design for multi-sensor system calibration.
5. Research byproducts
a. Paper (submissions, or acceptance)
b. Talks (invitation received and given), and others