Elephant Infrasound paragrapgh with dress ups

Brandie Longoria
October 22, 2018
Unit 2
Elephant Infrasound Paragraph with dress ups
Infrasound in Elephants
In 1984, Katy Payne first realized that elephants could communicate below the level of
human hearing. Her observations inspired research into infrasonic elephant communication.
5 While humans can hear greater than 20 hertz, which is roughly four steps below the low note
on a piano, elephants can generate sounds called “rumblings.” from one to twenty hertz
3 because to their enormous vocal cords. Remarkably, under the right conditions, infrasound can
3sss be heard up to six miles away. They call for help. They call to mate. They call to warn of danger.
4 Emitting infrasonic sounds, elephants may even be spacing themselves, so that they do not
consume all vegetation in a given area.