Algebra II Honors Chapter 6 vocabulary

Discrete Math graph theory vocabulary (sheet 1)
Vertices -
Degree of a vertex –
Edges -
Graph -
Connected graph –
Trip –
Path –
Circuit –
Euler path –
Euler circuit -
Discrete Math graph theory vocabulary (sheet 2)
Network –
Weighted network –
Tree –
Spanning tree –
Minimum spanning tree (MST)-
Discrete Math graph theory vocabulary (sheet 3)
This vocabulary is for critical path analysis
Processors - the “workers” who carry out the work
Task – an indivisible unit of work (either by nature or by choice)
Processing Time – the processing time of a given task X is the amount of time, without interruption,
required by one processor to execute X.
Independent tasks - tasks that have no precedence requirements between them.
Digraphs – a graph in which the edges have a direction associated with them.
Priority list – a list of all the tasks prioritized in the order we prefer to execute them.