P1 Spanish 3: Students should continue working on their telenovela

P1 Spanish 3:
Students should continue working on their telenovela scripts. Have students work
on completing the 1st draft of their scripts during the first half of class. They should
have a completed first draft by 9:00. At 9:00, give students a 5-minute break in the
classroom. The second half of class, have them practice their script in their groups
for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, have them pair up with another group and take
turns watching the other group perform. Students should give verbal feedback on
whether or not they could understand the plot of the script and what was said.
Script prompt:
You will be writing a scene from a telenovela (Spanish soap opera). Get into groups
of 3-4 and begin writing a dialogue between the characters in your scene. Your
scene should be about 2-3 minutes long. Remember that telenovelas are
melodramatic and have lots of conflicts. Include the following in your written script:
 At least 10 vocabulary words from the last few weeks (vocabulary on
friendship). Underline these.
 4 sentences or phrases using the subjunctive mood with emotion verbs.
Highlight these in your script.
 2 commands using “nosotros”. Highlight these in a different color.
 2 sentences using reflexive verbs with reciprocal actions. Circle your
reflexive verbs and their pronouns.
Inform students that their 1st draft is due on Monday. 1 copy per group.
P2 Spanish 2:
Before class, write the Diario (bellwork) on the board:
“Write a sentence giving “tú” commands for the following verbs: 1) poner 2) tener
3) decir 4) venir”
Students should complete the Diario at the beginning of class for the first 10
minutes while you take attendance.
Play the following youtube video after the Diario: http://youtu.be/wakiBSiW6Is
During the video, have students add to their notes (in their notebooks) from
Tuesday’s reading on the present progressive tense.
Write the following on the board for a class activity:
“Using your notes, conjugate the following verbs in the present progressive tense for
all of the subject pronouns (yo, el, ella, etc.): 1) lavar 2) estudiar 3)escribir”. Allow
students 8-10 minutes to complete this in their notebooks.
Go over the conjugations on the board. Make a chart that looks like this on the
board, leaving the spaces blank for students to fill in (answers in red on here):
estoy lavando
estoy estudiando
estoy escribiendo
estás lavando
está lavando
estamos lavando
ellos/ellas/ustedes están lavando
estás estudiando
está estudiando
están estudiando
estás escribiendo
está escribiendo
están escribiendo
Call on 5 volunteers to come up and fill in the blanks for each word for a given
pronoun. 1 students does all of the “yo”, another the “tú”, and so on. After students
are done filling them in, make corrections. Have all students make corrections in
their notebooks. If this activity is completed before 50 minutes into class, have
students practice by writing 2 sentences using any pronoun for the 3 verbs above.
Give them 10 minutes to write sentences. After 10 minutes, have students switch
with a partner and make corrections to their sentences. After they are done with
corrections, they should switch back and correct any errors by rewriting.
Give students a 5-minute break about 50 minutes into class.
For the second half of class, have students read “Lectura” on p. 174-175 of their
textbook. They should take turns reading in their table groups. Have students write
down unfamiliar words in their notebooks as they read. They should take time to
look up the words they do not understand and write them in their notebooks. On the
same page as their list of unfamiliar words, they should answer “¿Comprendiste?”
numbers 1-5 in full sentences (in Spanish). Students who finish before class is over
should complete “Y tú, ¿qué dices?” numbers 1-3 in full sentences.
Have 2 volunteers get the chromebook cart from Ms. Field in RM 33 next door as
soon as students begin arriving. They should work on typing their novels until
12:25. Please make sure the cart is returned with all chromebooks plugged in to RM
33 by 12:30. For the last 10 minutes, allow students to discuss their novelling
progress and share about their ideas on what they are writing next.
P4 Spanish 1:
For the Diario (bellwork), have students answer the following questions in English
(ful sentences):
“1) What is a verb infinitive? 2) What does it mean to conjugate?”
Allow them 5 minutes while you take attendance. Have students turn to their table
group after 3 minutes and share out. Each student should speak while they are
sharing out. Allow them 3 minutes to share.
Pass out the open-note quiz. Students should work individually on the quiz. Only
whisper-level talking should occur. They can use their notes and the textbook to
complete the quiz. Have students turn in the quiz when they are finished.
Give students a 5-minute break 50 minutes into class.
After students finish, they should work on the “Presentación oral” assignment on p.
93 of their textbooks. They should do parts 1 and 2 during class. In addition, have
students write out their presentations on paper in full sentences before moving on
to the oral practice. For oral practice, have them pair up and take turns presenting.
Allow this to continue for the rest of class.