HOSA Chapter Affiliation Process

HOSA Chapter Affiliation Process
The Affiliation Process is online and it is easy! All chapters affiliate through the National HOSA website at www.hosa.org.
HOSA Chapter Affiliation is required each school year for all Health Science and Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Programs.
Internet Affiliation Instructions
The first step in using the Internet Affiliation System is to call your HOSA State Advisor, if you are a new program, or call National
HOSA Headquarters to request a National Charter Number and a Chapter Password for access to the affiliation system.
If the Health Science program already has an established HOSA Chapter and used the Internet to affiliate last year, the Chapter
Password and National Chart Number will be the same this year. If the advisor has changed, this information should be updated during
the affiliation process.
Go to the National HOSA website at www.hosa.org, locate the Membership tab, click on Join HOSA. You will see instructions for
completing the affiliation process. Go to the Affiliate link provided on the website and then enter your Chapter’s Password and
National Charter Number in the area called Local Chapter Advisor.
After successfully logging in, you should reach the main menu. To access instructions for online affiliation, click on the first link in
the main menu. It is recommended that you review the instructions if you are unfamiliar with the online affiliation system.
You will affiliate each student and advisor by entering their name and information online. As of May 2013, Alabama State and
National Dues are $16.00, but you must check at the beginning of each school year for the correct amount for dues. They are subject
to change. An affiliation receipt can be printed upon completion of entering the students and advisors names into website. Mail check
to National HOSA for the total amount due for all affiliated members.
The instructions for affiliation will be updated each school year, so be sure to refer to the National HOSA website for the current
process which may be different from the instructions as printed above.
Additional Resources
Competitive Events Guidelines:
Go to the Advisors tab - Click on Local Advisor - Go to Competitive Events Resources - Select available resources:
Competitive Events Guidelines (HOSA Handbook Section B); Medical Reading Books and History; National Healthcare Foundation
Standards CE Matrix; Common Career Technical Core; Competitive Events and the Common Core State Standards; Event Resources
Competitive Event Samples; Competitive Event Codes; Competitive Event Frequently Asked Questions; HOSA Week Ideas
Advisor Resources:
Go to the Advisors tab - Click on Local Advisor - Go to Advisor Resources - Select available resources:
Competitive Events Resources; TRAIN Demonstration; National Healthcare Foundation Standards and CE Matrix; Competitive
Events and the Common Core State Standards; Officer Installation Ceremony; New Local Advisor Handbook; Medical Reserve
Corps; HOSA 101 - Advisor Development Program; HOSA 102 - Using Technology in the Classroom and HOSA Chapter; HOSA
103 - Competitive Events as Instructional Tools; HOSA 104 - Developing effective HOSA Partnerships; HOSA 105 - Emergency
Preparedness; HOSA 106 - HOSA Strategies for Emergency Preparedness: Competitive Events; Lesson Plans; HOSA Fundraising
Handbook; National Technical Honor Society
Other Resources:
Go to the Resources tab - Click on Resources - Select available resources:
E-Magazine; Fact Sheets; Officer Installation Ceremony; HOSA Logos and Posters; Partners; PowerPoints; Videos; Princeton Review
Contact Information:
Collie Wells, Alabama HOSA State Advisor
[email protected] or 334.353.1634
National HOSA
www.hosa.org or 800.321.4672