Tides Name

1. What are tidal variations caused by?
2. What is gravity?
3. Why does the moon cause tidal variations?
4. What is the spinning motion of the earth-moon pair called?
5. How often does the eath revolve completely on its axis?
6. How often does the moon orbit the earth?
7. What are spring tides?
8. What are neap tides?
9. Name two things that affect tidal variation on earth:
10. How many tides does the gulf of mexico experience each day?
Tidal Zonation Patterns
1. What is the most accessible marine habitat?
2. What happens when the tide is out, what is the tidal zone exposed to?
3. What is the supralittoral zone?
4. What organisms live in this zone?
5. Below this zone, is the_______________________ zone.
6. What can the periwinkle snail tolerate?
7. What type of animals can live in the midlittoral zone?
8. Where can sponges, sea urchins and abalone live?
9. When is the best time to venture into the intertidal zone?