Michigan Counseling Association Counseling Supervision

Michigan Counseling Association
Counseling Supervision Information
General Information & Disclaimer
Individuals meeting counselor supervision requirements are eligible to be listed on MCA’s Web site.
Disclaimer: The MCA provides this list as a service to the profession. MCA neither endorses nor guarantees the credentials of anyone
on this list. It is up to the potential supervisee to confirm the supervisor’s credential who provides supervision. Please refer to the
state law statute for information regarding the law concerning the qualifications of a supervisor. An annual fee of $100.00 is charged
to individuals posting their information. The fee is waived for MCA Members in good standing.
Member of MCA: YES
Personal Detail:
Name: Michelle Stinnett
Address: 2966 Quartz Dr.
City State ZIP: Troy, MI 48085
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 248-879-9385 or 48-709-8651
License Information:
LPC, #6401011091
CAC, CAADC, #C-02532
NCC, #283709
Other, #161048 – State of Michigan School Guidance Counselor
Specialty Areas:
Anger, Anxiety/Fear/Panic, Coping Skills, Depression/Bi-Polar, Loss/Grief
Blended Families, Communications, Divorce, Family, Parenting, Partner
Abuse/Neglect, Addiction/Substance Abuse*, Anger Management, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity, Divorce,
Other: Academic, Coping Skills, Spirituality, Suicide
Other: Conflict Resolution
*= Extensive Experience
Client Focus:
Adolescent, Adult,
Individual, Group, Couple, Family
Multi Cuultural Experience: Extensive*
Client Gender: Male, Female,
Client Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual: YES
Religious Orientation of clients: ANY
*= Extensive Experience
Supervisor Training: YES
This person has received training to satisfy standards of supervision according to the laws in the state of Michigan.
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