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EFL Learners’ Strategic Investment in coping with Classroom
learning barrier: Does Self-Efficacy matter?
Sarniati Nuru
This study investigates the ability of EFL learners in using strategic language
competence for making certain decisions on how to say or write or interpret
language, and making repairs on blocked communication in classroom. The
interactive activities with teachers and other learners are observed and analyzed
to identify learning barriers, which usually hinder smooth communication in EFL
classroom. In an attempt to provide better pedagogical solution, the learners’
self-efficacy is scrutinized which is later on linked with their language
performance in completing the classroom task and their final grade of English
Speaking and Writing subjects. Three classes comprising 20 EFL learners from
three different universities in South, Southeast and Central Sulawesi are taken as
participants of the study to answer two research questions; (1) What types of
strategic language competence invested by EFL learners to complete classroom
tasks and to gain better grade in English speaking and writing subject? (2) How
does self-efficacy affect the choice of such investment? Using a qualitative
research paradigm, the study reveals that the interactive activities in classroom
have made it much easier for learners to develop their confidence in using
several types of language competence to complete tasks on speaking and writing
such as questioning strategies, choosing appropriate topics, allowing
comprehensible input to be internalized, and so on. Self-efficacy as part of
learners’ quality also plays important roles in determining the strategic language
competence essential in breaking the language classroom barriers.
Nasmilah is a teaching staff of English Department, Faculty of Letters
Hasanuddin University, Makassar Indonesia, and currently the Head of the
Department. She is a Ph.D holder in TESOL gained from The University of
Newcastle, Australia, and owner of an English Language School, ELI (English
Language Institute) Makassar. Nasmilah has disseminated her expertise on
English Language Teaching in several national and international conferences.
Her main research interest is on EFL and adult learners.