Form E Course Addition Part I

Senate-Board of Undergraduate Studies
2017/2018 Associate Diploma Calendar
Submission Timelines/Deadlines
The Course Addition Information and Template is comprised of two parts. Part I is the information requested below and Part
II is the calendar and colleague template. Both must be completed in full in order for the course proposal to be reviewed by
the Calendar Review Committee before recommendation for approval to the Board of Undergraduate Studies and Senate. For
definition of the terms used on page 2, see the Glossary in the Associate Diploma Calendar.
Course Code:
Course Title:
Calendar Description:
Provide the detailed learning outcomes of the course. Indicate how these align with the Associate Diploma learning
outcomes and/or program level learning outcomes and whether any of the University's Diploma Learning Outcomes are
met by the course.
If the proposed course will be core to more than one diploma program, please make reference to each of these.
If the proposed course is an elective for multiple /programs, the course learning outcomes should align with one or more
of the University of Guelph’s Diploma Learning Outcomes.
Refer to the Undergraduate Calendar and the Learning Outcomes website for more information on learning outcomes.
Course Learning Outcomes
Associate Diploma Program Learning Outcomes
Method(s) of evaluation/assessment (including breakdown) and how the outcomes listed in question 2 will be assessed.
Form of Assessment (e.g.
Weight of Assessment (% of final
grade) (e.g. 5%)
Course Content
/Activity (e.g.
Lectures week 1 -6
Assigned readings
Chpt 1)
Learning Outcome Addressed (#1,2)
A summary of material to be covered indicating emphasis and anticipated depth of study.
Method(s) of presentation (lecture, seminar, hybrid, case study, lab, etc.).
Reason for course offering and intended audience including:
diploma program(s) to be served by the course and role in the curriculum;
expected enrollment;
status of course (e.g. core, restricted elective, elective).
List of resource needs (e.g. teaching support, lab and/or computer facilities, field trips, etc.) and identify funding sources
for mounting and maintaining the course.
Is this a replacement course? If YES, specify the course to be deleted and include Form C: Course Deletion Template
with submission.
Does this course involve research projects of a significant nature? If YES, please consult with the Director, Academic
Programs and Policy re: additional information which may be required for submission to BUGS. Please review the
A course outline is required for all new courses; please forward with the completed templates.
10. Evidence of consultation with other departments, program committees or units may be required. This is particularly
important when the proposed course is a replacement for a deleted course included in the schedule of studies or restricted
elective list of other programs, or when considering prerequisites, restrictions, DE offerings, etc. Forward all correspondence
electronically to the ADPC Secretary who will then forward to the Director, Academic Programs and Policy Parts I and II of the
proposal with consultation if the course is approved by the Program Committee.
11. If the intended first offering is earlier than Summer 2017, a request for a trial offering is required. The request should be
submitted via email to the Director, Academic Programs and Policy by the OAC Associate Dean. Please note, requests are not
normally approved (or scheduled) until the new course has received BUGS approval.
12. Proposing to offer a course in distance education format? Provide evidence of approval from the Director, Open
Learning and Educational Support to mount the proposed course in DE format.
13. A completed library assessment is normally required for new courses proposed for approval. Courses will not proceed to
Senate without a completed assessment. Exceptions maybe granted. To request an assessment contact Scott Gillies, Head,
Information Resources Unit: [email protected] Requests should be submitted well in advance of deadlines as
assessments normally take a minimum of three weeks.
Questions? Contact the Director, Academic Programs and Policy, Administrative Secretary or your ADPC Chair or Secretary.