114.54 acre Suntree Property Fact Sheet/FAQs Property purchase

114.54 acre Suntree Property
Fact Sheet/FAQs
Property purchase price:
 Parcel ID 26360200500, Tax Account 2600708, 40 acres, purchased in 1984 for $224,000
 Parcel ID 26360200502, Tax Account 2600710, 40 acres, purchased in 1984 for $224,000
 Parcel ID 26311006, Tax Account 2618239, 34.54 acres purchased in 1994 for $20,000
 114.54 acres
Total: $468,000
Why did the County purchase this property?
 The property was purchased and designed to be a “rapid infiltration basin” (RIB) to dispose of excess
reclaimed water produced from the South Central Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility. This RIB was
extensively used before the Viera Wetlands (a.k.a., Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands) were constructed in
2001. Following the Viera Wetlands construction, the property was maintained for “possible” use, per
permit requirements, until removed from the permit by DEP in 2014.
When did we last use this property?
 The property was last used in 2008 during Tropical Storm Fay to dispose of excess reclaimed water from
the plant.
How will the County dispose of excess reuse water in the future without this RIB?
 In conjunction with the removal of this RIB from the DEP permit, the permit was modified to allow for
several future discharge points of excess reclaimed water into wetlands, reject ponds and overflow to the
canal to St. Johns River which is ONLY anticipated to be used in an event like Fay or 100 year events.
What is the maximum residential potential for this property?
 Having just one ingress/egress point to this property will limit residential development to 200 units or
(1.75 units per acre) per Sec. 62-2957(c) – “Access Management”. The Board makes no representations as
to the outcome of future requests to rezone this property to maximize its development potential based
upon Sec. 62-2957(c).
What process will be used to sell this property?
 The Board of County Commissioners future consideration to sell this property will have numerous “public”
moments wherein citizens and interested parties can comment.
 On January 6, 2015, the Board directed staff to appraise the property and advertise for sale by auction to
the highest and best use bidder.
 The “sale” is open for bids from March 19th to 3:00pm May 19th. Following closure of the sealed bid
process, staff will schedule a Board meeting (TBD) for the Board’s consideration of these bids.
 The selected buyer may elect to make an application to amend the property’s Future Land Use Map
designation (Public – Comprehensive Plan) and Zoning (GML – Government Managed Lands) to a
residential designation/classification. The Board makes no representations as to the outcome of
applications for changes to the land use designation and zoning classification. This request, if initiated by
the buyer, would include a minimum of 2 public hearings with the Planning & Zoning Board/Local Planning
Agency and the Board of County Commissioners (TBD).
Will the development of this site cause flooding of neighboring properties?
 County development standards require that new development shall not negatively impact adjacent
properties or receiving water body quality. To accomplish this, engineering calculations must demonstrate
that pre-development stormwater discharge rates (off-site) match and not exceed post-development
stormwater discharge rates.
What is the minimum bid for this property?
 $1,647,000