Eating Disorders
Mental disorder that reveals itself through abnormal behaviors related to __________
o More than just food
o Emotions,_____________,and ________________
What types of eating disorders have you heard about?
o ____________________
o Bulimia
o Binge eating disorder
Anorexia Nervosa
can be a source of anxiety
does not eat enough food to ____________________________________________
o normal appetite and hunger _____________
o symptoms
 extreme weight loss
 slowed heart and ____________________
 __________________
 fine body hair
 loss of __________________________
 90% of all cases are _____________
health risk-____________
o see themselves as _________
o work harder to lose weight
o Excessive __________________________
o Lack of essential minerals causes heart to _____________________
Possible causes
o usually a good student
o lack of a certain chemical that _____________________
o low_____________________
o troubled relationships
o a person with a parent or sibling with an eating disorder are far likelier to develop one
o first treated in hospital
o doctors, nurses, and_______________
 Stop weight loss and ____________________________
o mental health expert
 Correct_________________________
o family help
anorexia means "____________________."
They have normal appetite and hunger, they just choose __________________________
talk to ___________________________________
Go on uncontrolled eating binges____________________________________________, the
food from their bodies
o vomiting
 usually 2 times a week for_________________________________________
o laxatives
o 90-95% of cases are ____________
o too much food__________________
o bathroom visits______________________
Health risks
o maintain normal ____________________
o Dehydration causing _____________________
o lack of vitamins and minerals
o Stomach acid
 Inflames or causes________________________
 ____________________________
o depression and suicide
o Vomiting can decrease heart rate which weakens the heart causing _______________
Possible Causes
o Use food to ________________________ (relieve feelings of depression) then
o _____________________
o ________________ relationships
o Aware but __________________________
o ____________________ to seek help
o Offer private support
o Encourage to seek help from __________________________
o ___________________, antidepressants, and ____________________________
Female Triad
Some sports have certain _____________________ causing athletes to ____________________
Female triad
o Lose weight to _________________________ (eating disorder)
o Exercise ____________ and not eat enough that ______________________
o ____________________is a weakening of the bones due to the
Binge Eating Disorder
o Regularly have an __________________________ to eat large amounts of food
o __________________ but binge
o Can’t stop eating once full
o Intention to eat 2 slices of bread and _______________________________
o Used for coping with _________, ________________, or anxiety
Health Risks
o ___________weight gain
o __________________
o _________________
o High blood pressure
o Try ___________________ loss diets
 Hunger causes more bingeing
 ______________________
Possible Causes
o Never properly learned ________________________________
o __________________________________ or stressful situations
o Food provides temporary relief but can ______________________________
o ____________________________________
o ________________________ and deliberately
o Address _______________________________ problems