Industrial Facilities

Fundamentals of Industrial Plants
Dr. Alberto De Marco
Course Description:
The objective is to provide the students with the basics of manufacturing facility design. Topics will include
fundamentals of manufacturing facility design (location decision methods, plant layout design criteria,
building and service components of facilities, material handling and warehouse systems), basics of
production planning and inventory management, as well as bits of logistics and project management.
This class will include lectures, hands-on workshops, and a term teamwork.
By the end of the term you will be able to professionally participate in the process of designing or
revamping the layout of manufacturing plant and understand the major design decisions related to the
construction of an industrial facility.
Also, as part of manufacturing operations, you will be knowing the principles of production planning,
inventory management, outbound logistics.
Instructor: Alberto De Marco (
Class calendar: To Be Determined
Office hours: To Be Determined
Course Requirements and Grading Policy:
Term project (up to 6 points out of 30): students are required to join small international groups (up
to 5 members) to design a green field manufacturing facility based on specification provided by
instructor. The groups will join design review meetings with the instructor every week. Submission
is due on the last day of classes.
Final written test (up to 25 points out of 30).
Class participation (+/- 2 points): Students are encouraged, and expected, to contribute in all class
discussions, workshops and teamwork.
Required Course Materials:
Lecture Slides Posted On Course Website
M.P. Stephens and F. E. Meyers, Manufacturing Facilities Design & Material
Handling, 4th Ed., Pearson, 2009 available through the university library system
Readings and materials posted on course website during the term
Recommended readings:
Other recommended textbooks:
S. S. Heragu, Facilities Design, 3rd Ed., CRC Press Taylor and Francis group, 2008
D. R Sule, Manufacturing Facilities: Location Planning and Design, 3rd Ed., CRC Press
Taylor and Francis group, 2008