AgEng2014 EurAgEng Awards

AgEng2014 EurAgEng Awards
Biosystems Engineering Outstanding Papers
(Published during the last two years in the journal Biosystems Engineering)
E2D-ROPS: Development and tests of an automatically deployable, in
height and width, front-mounted ROPS for narrow-track tractors.
Tomás Ballesteros, Ignacio Arana,
Amaya Pérez Ezcurdia, José R Alfaro
A CFD greenhouse night-time condensation model.
Davide Piscia, Juan I Montero,
Esteban Baeza, Bernard J Bailey
Tractor-based Real-time Kinematic-Global Positioning System (RTKGPS) guidance system for geospatial mapping of row crop transplant.
Manuel Perez-Ruiz, David C Slaughter,
C Gliever, Shrini K Upadhyaya
EurAgEng Recognition Award
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Schulze Lammers has been a member of the Technical
Advisory Council of VDI-MEG since 2006. From 2009 by 2011, he was
Chairman of the Technical Committee “Research and Teaching”, a
cooperation of all agricultural engineering professors of the German
Universities and Federal Research Institutes.
From 1998 till 2005, Peter was General Secretary to the International
Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR), the
international association of agricultural engineers. In this function, he was
significantly involved in preparation and realisation of the XVI CIGR World
Convention and the European Convention AgEng 2006 in Bonn (Germany)
and was was honoured with the CIGR Merit Award in 2008.
He is also one of the representatives of VDI-MEG on the EurAgEng-Council.
In 2008, he was elected Vice President of EurAgEng and he was president of
between 2010 to 2012. During his vice presidency and presidency it was of
great concern to Prof. Schulze Lammers to introduce EurAgEng to all levels of
the technical public and was instrumental in VDI-MEG and EurAgEng
cooperating at the LAND.TECHNIK-AgEng conference in Hanover, Germany.
Thus, the conference has developed into a real European event both, both for
the speakers and the participants.
Peter continues to actively serve EurAgEng as a past president and we hope
may long continue to do so.
László Fenyvesi has been a member of the EurAgEng council for several
years and on the Executive Board since 2010. In that time he has dedicated
much time and effort in promoting EurAgEng in Eastern Europe through
presentations at conferences and networking with Eastern European
colleagues. In 2012 there were a greater number of conference delegates
from Eastern Europe at CIGR-AgEng and he organized a meeting with
Russian translators to discuss cooperation between colleagues. He is
passionate and committed about encouraging young engineers to participate
in international meetings.
Thomas Anken
We would like to show EurAgEng’s appreciation to Thomas Anken and his
team who have spent the last few years organizing and bringing together the
conference that we are all enjoying today. Previous conference organisers will
know what a task this is which has to be carried out in addition to one’s
normal duties. Thomas has kept the ball rolling and took over when Robert
was indisposed for several months. We hope he is proud to receive this award
but we are sure that he is equally proud that we are all here enjoying the
conference in Zurich and looking forward to a rewarding few days ahead of
us. Congratulations Thomas!
Robert Kaufmann
Robert is presented with the EurAgEng Recognition Award to acknowledge
his dedication to the role of President of EurAgEng during the last two years
which have not been easy years for Robert and his family. Despite having to
spend several months in hospital and rehabilitation, Robert carried on in his
role and remained in communication and control throughout that time.
Everyone is so pleased that he has come through this period and we thank
him for the dedication with which he has carried out his role.
Young Engineers’ Best Paper Award
(Awarded for the first time in Zurich)
Robbe Van Beers, Lorenzo León Gutiérrez, Ann Schenk, Bart Nicolaï,
Erdal Kayacan and Wouter Saeys
as authors of a paper on
Optical measurement techniques for ripeness determination of Braeburn
Innovation and Development Award
(The EurAgEng Innovation & Development Award is awarded to the
best paper on Innovation and Development from industry, or a
combination of industry and academia presented orally at the
conference, sponsored by Sepp Knüsel, RIGITRAC.)
X. Song, J.J.W. Schutte, P.P.J. van der Tol, F.E.D. van Halsema, P.W.G.
Groot Koer-kamp
as authors of a paper on
Body measurements of dairy calf using a 3-D camera in an automatic
feeding system
Francis Sevila Young Professional Award
The Francis Sevila Award is awarded to a younger European agricultural
engineer who has demonstrated excellence in the early stage of their career,
supported by John Deere
Eutiquio Gallego Vázquez, Secretary of the Department of Science applied
to Agricultural Engineering, at the Technical University of Madrid, has an
outstanding flair for promoting Agricultural Engineering. His significant work
on silo research and rural roads has been recognised internationally and he
has collaborated with several global companies as well as other academics
on areas of research through the development of numerical models for the
calculation of different structures. He is the author of many papers. He is also
the co-author of one patent and several software tools used by different
companies to design and calculate steel silos and form works.
He is equally dedicated in all areas of academia. As well as his ground
breaking research, he is a positive role model to his students as a teacher and
administrator and has contributed to the design of new agricultural
engineering studies.
His dedication to the profession and professional activity is an inspiration to
his colleagues and students alike.
Award of Merit – Scientific Understanding
This award is made to an individual for their major international contribution to
the advancement of scientific understanding in engineering and related
science for the benefit of agriculture, environment, industry and/or the rural
sector in Europe.
Professor Margarita Ruiz-Altisent has spent more than thirty years in the
profession and is a pioneer in the development of applications of physical
science and technology principles to solving problems related to the
instrumentation and automation of biological materials. She is founder and
lead researcher of LPF-TAGRALIA (Advanced techniques in Agri-Food at the
Technical University of Madrid), who from the beginning have developed
advanced technologies for the measurement and detection of quality features
of agri-food production, based on mechanical, optical, image and lately NMR
and MIR techniques.
She has been involved in many international projects both in Europe and in
the United States, she is the author of more than 150 articles, she has at least
5 outstanding patents to her name, more than 65 research projects and over
30 collaborations with private companies. Many of her students have gone on
to become professors in the field and her students have benefitted from the
strong international relationships forged by Margarita.
LPF-TAGRALIA has an outstanding position in the research field with state of
the art equipment and facilities which should allow them to continue to obtain
outstanding scientific advances in the future.