November Journal

“Dull November brings the blast;
Then the leaves are whirling fast.”
Create a collage of images that remind you of fall
and Thanksgiving.
Create a timeline that tells me about the plans you
have for the month of November.
Research pumpkin pies. Tell me who invented
them! How did the Pumpkin Spice Latte and other
tasty treats branch from the pumpkin pie!
Create a comic strip that describes your favorite fall
Over the river and through the wood
Trot fast my dapple-gray!
Spring over the ground
Like a hunting hound
For this is Thanksgiving Day.
- Lydia Maria Child
Illustrate this poem! Bring it to life!
Start a “Thankfulness List” for the month of
November. Add something every day!
If you can visit anywhere this November, where
would you go? Print out a picture of the place if you
can. Tell me why you would like to travel there.
Can you create your own “November” poem?
Draw a cornucopia filled with overflowing fruits
and vegetables! Make it lovely!
Draw a Thanksgiving still life with images that
remind you of this festive holiday!
Make a list of all of your favorite pumpkin flavored
goodies! Tell me what makes them so yummy!
Write a concrete poem in the shape of a
Create a movie poster for “November.”
Write a short narrative about a disastrous
Thanksgiving dinner. Tell me what happened!
What made it a disaster?
Copy down your favorite fall recipe. Tell me what
makes it so delicious!
Have you gone hunting this season? Tell me about
it! Make your experience into a short narrative.
Create a word collage that describes November for
Create a soundtrack for November. Tell me why you
chose five of the songs. The list of songs can be as
long as you want!
If you could be a float in the Macy’s Day Parade,
which one would you be? Tell me why!
Make a pumpkin pie! Document the baking process
and create a collage.
Have you seen a turkey close-up? Find several
pictures of turkeys and try your hand at drawing
Plan a Thanksgiving party. Tell me about the food,
activities, and decorations you will use.
Tell me about your favorite Thanksgiving memory
from your childhood. Give me details!
Plan your ideal Thanksgiving meal. Chipotle
burrito? Ice cream from Kirke’s? Justify why you
chose the food on your list!
Look up and read about the first Thanksgiving.
Make a drawing of that event and write a little
about it in your journal.
Doodle of the month: Leaves!!
Put together the perfect fall outfit. Justify all of the
articles of clothing.
November 1st is National Author's Day. Who is your
favorite author? Why do you like their writing?
Design your own float for the Macy’s Day parade!