About Assoc. Prof. Tiow-Gan Ong Tiow

About Assoc. Prof. Tiow-Gan Ong
Tiow-Gan Ong, a Malaysian born scientist, is an Associate Research Fellow at the
Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, and also holds the rank of
Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Taiwan National Chiao Tung
University. He received his B.S. Chemistry from the Winona State University in 1994
and his PhD Chemistry from the University of Kentucky in 2000.His research
interests are in the following:• Organometallic chemistry and organic synthesis
• Molecular ligand design based N-heterocyclic carbene platform
• Fundamental probe on the C-H bond activation to innovate in molecular synthesis
• Engineering a new catalytic synthetic attack by adopting green chemistry strategy
T-Gan’s research team has a vested interest in developing green catalysis process
in a more sustainable manner, based on C-H activation and functionalization.
Catalytic C-H bond activation is a highly attractive strategy in green and sustainable
covalent synthesis for drugs, natural products and advance materials from simple
organic hydrocarbons. T-Gan and his team members systematically established a
revolutionary approach in exploiting synergistic effect between main and transition
metal to promote efficient selective C-H activation.