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The healthcare industry is at crossroads and there are several factors, which are changing the healthcare
industry landscape dramatically. Data required for making healthcare decisions is distributed and
regulation is driving the solution providers to provide integrated solutions to all stakeholders (providers,
payers and consumers) so that the right value of care is provided to patients. The exponential rise of
digital technology, social media, and significant increase in personal computing has created the new
connected health paradigm. All stakeholders are extremely interested in actionable information out of
the enormous amount of data being generated in healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is geared
towards embarking on a digital journey by bringing in device connectivity, interoperability, harnessing the
power of infrastructure software, cloud, big data & analytics. To be successful in this journey, you need a
global innovation and development partner having rich experience in transformational product
Symphony Teleca (STC) is a technology and innovation driven company focused primarily on product
design and development, providing services & consultancy across the entire product life cycle & having
expertise on multiple technologies and platforms. STC (www.symphonyteleca.com) is part of a $2.5 Billion
Symphony Technology Group, HQ at Mountain View, CA. STC comes in with a unique blend of all the
capabilities from medical device engineering, software products and platforms, and big data analytics
to contribute to addressing the real challenges of the healthcare industry. Here is a snapshot of our
Healthcare competency:
We helped in designing and developing a neonatal breath measurement device (first in the
world) and supported our client to receive FDA 510K certification; all in record duration of 15
Helped a vitals measurement solution company develop an end to end solution including
wearable sensor, mobile apps and cloud enablement. We improved the product reliability by
70% and reduced defect leakage by 40%.
Partnered to develop an integrated Lab workflow management and image management solution
including mobility solution and deployment services. We have integrated the applications with
over 10 Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) that are commonly used in pathology labs.
Our engineers significantly contributed towards developing imaging for Digital microscope slide
scanning system and method for automated detection of immunohistochemical (IHC) patterns.
Our engineers are named co-authors on 2 patents in this invention.
We provide interoperability accelerators such has HL7, DICOM adaptors which help our
customers significantly reduce time to market as well as cost. We also provide advanced analytics
solutions using secure, cloud based, highly configurable, low cost, HIPAA compliant, and web
based framework significant insights into the data.
Our organization is ISO 13485 certified and we have helped our customers achieve FDA
certification. Our processes are also compliant to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Remediation, FDA 21 CFR
Part 820, 93/42/EEC directives. We secure a quality assured, cost efficient and time-to-market
optimized delivery for our customers.
Some of our solutions include:
Care management platforms including web portals, device integration and cloud enablement
Product reincarnation services, platform upgrade and migration services
End to end connected health products
Medical device development
Interoperability and system integration
6. Cloud enablement
7. Communication enablement
8. Support FDA Compliance, clinical trials and regulatory approval
We can help you with developing innovative solutions that can solve complex business problems, open
emerging markets and create new revenue opportunities. Please respond back to this email to book a
free 20mins consultation session with our Healthcare solutions expert today!
We will also reach out to you within the next two weeks to understand your business objectives and
provide you relevant information on how we can help.
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