La Marca Asian-Pacific-Focus Wider Reading list

Asian Pacific Focus
Early Years
BAILLE, Allan & WU, Di Old Magic (PB)
Rebel (PB)
BELL, Krista & RIPPIN, Sally Peeking Ducks (PB)
BOWLER, Ann Martin & SUKANADA, Gusti Made Gecko’s Complaint: A Balinese
Folktale (PB)
CHENG, Christopher Seams of Gold
COX, David Ayu and the Perfect Moon (PB, Bali)
Miss Bunkle’s Umbrella (PB, Java)
CUMMINGS, Phil Wang Wang and Funi (PB)
CUNXIN, Li The Peasant Prince (PB)
DO,DO & WHATLEY The Little Refugee (PB)
FOX, Mem & OXENBURY, Helen Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (PB)
FRASER, Janine Sarindi and the Lucky Buddha
Sarindi and the Lucky Bird (Indonesia)
FRENCH, Simon & RAWLINS, Donna Guess the Baby Picture (PB)
What Will You Be? (PB)
GAVIN, Jamila Out of India
Walking on My Hands (UK/India)
HARTUNG, Susan & MANNIS, Celeste One Leaf Rides the Wind PB
HATHORN, Libby & STANLEY, Elizabeth The Wishing PB
HEINRICH, Sally The Most Beautiful Lantern PB
LAU, Siew Mei & TAY-AUDOUARD, Lak-Khee Yinʼs Magic Dragon (PB)
LYONS, Kay Malaysian Children’s Favourite Stories (Nine traditional stories)
MAHY, Margaret, TSENG, Jean & TSENG, Mou-Sien (illustrator) The Seven
Chinese Brothers PB
MANOS, Helen & VIVAS, Julie Samsura Dog PB
MASON, BEAL & BOHAN-TYRIE Balinese Children’s Favourite Stories
McPHEE, Colin A Club of Small Men: A Children’s Tale from Bali
MORIMOTO, Junko The Two Bullies (Japanese folktale, PB)
MURRELL, Belinda Lulu Bell and the Moon Dragon (Vietnam)
MUTH, Jon Zen Shorts PB
RIPPIN, Sally Fang Fangʼs Chinese New Year (PB)
Just One Wish (Aussie Chomps series, PB, China/Australia)
Fang Fang series (PB)
SHEA, Pegi Deitz The Whispering Cloth: A Refugee Story (PB, Thailand, Hmong
SIERRA, Judy The Gift of the Crocodile (Spice Islands/China, PB, Cinderella story)
STANLEY, Elizabeth Tyger, Tyger (PB)
TAN, Shaun The Arrival (PB, textless, refugee experience)
THOMPSON, Michael The Other Bears (PB)
van LOON, Joan Mang the Wild Orangutan (PB)
WALDMEIER, Elisabeth Sadri Returns to Bali
Wilson, Mark Vietnam Diary
WINER, Yvonne & WONG, Stanley The Dream Dragon (PB)
Middle Years
AGOSTINO, Helen & KITING, Kathy Indonesia Kaleidoscope (Collection)
AN, Na A Step From Heaven
ASHLAND, Monk Kaimira -Sky Village (Series)
BAILLE, Allan Krakatoa Lighthouse (1883 Indonesia)
Saving Abbie (Indonesia)
Treasure Hunters (Indonesia)
China Coin (China)
Little Brother (Khmer - Rouge Cambodia)
Songman (Australia pre white settlement)
A Taste of Cockroach (Collection) (South East Asia)
BAILLE, Allan & WU, Di Rebel! (Burma PB)
BARNARD, Emma, CHO, Thomas & COSTAIN, Meredith The Really Big Beliefs
Project (NF)
BAUER, Michael Gerard The Running Man Setting Further information
BIDWELL, D. Danger Unlimited
BOTT, Anthony, GRAFTON, Lee, MILLARD, Carolyn & TREVASKIS, Doug
Impressions (NF)
BRADFORD, Chris The Young Samurai (series - Japan)
BREWER, Warren Many Flowers Collection.
CARO, Niki (director) Whale Rider (Film)
CATRAN, Wendy Not Raining Today (Tibet)
CHADHA, Girinder (director) Bend it like Beckham (Film)
CHENG, Christopher New Gold Mountain
The Melting Pot
CLARKE, Judith One Whole and Perfect Day
Kalpanaʼs Dream (Australia/India)
COERR, Eleanor Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (Hiroshima)
COOPER, Michelle The Rage of Sheep
CUNXIN, Li Mao’s Last Dancer (China)
DESAI, Anita Village by the Sea
DHARMI, Narinda Bend it like Beckham
DIVAKARUNI, Banerjee The Conch Bearer (India)
DUYAL, Yasar Paper Boats: an Anthology of Short Stories about Journeys to
Australia (21 asylum seeker stories)
ELLIS, Deborah Parvana (series) (Afghanistan)
EVANS, Alwyn Walk in My Shoes (Australia/Afghani refugees)
FLYNN, Warren Escaping Paradise (Bali)
FUSSELL, Sandy; RIPPIN, Sally (illustrator) Shaolin Tiger (PB)
GAVIN, Jamila The Blood Stone (Silk route)
The Surya Trilogy (India, partition)
GEASON, Susan Rebel Girl (China)
GLEITZMAN, Morris Boy Overboard (Afghani refugees)
Girl Underground
GLEESON, Libby Mahtab’s Story (Afghani refugees)
GOTT, Robert Timor-Leste (NF)
GROVER, Paul (editor) Voices Nearby: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Writing
GRINDLEY, Sally Broken Glass (India)
Spilled Water (China)
GUILE, Melanie Culture in Thailand (NF)
GUO, Yue & FARROW, Clare Little Leap Forward: A Boy in Beijing (China)
HAMSTON, Julie & MURDOCH, Kath Australia Kaleidoscope NF
HARRIS, Christine Foreign Devil
HATHORN, Libby The River PB
HAVEL, Geoff Grave of the Roti Men (Indonesia)
HAWKE, Rosanne Soraya the Storyteller (Australia/Afghanistan refugees)
Shahana: Through My Eyes (Kashmir)
HEALY, Maya Under the Cherry Blossom series (Japan, historical)
HEFFERNAN, John Naveed: Through My Eyes (Afghanistan)
HEINRICH, Sally Hungry Ghosts (Singapore/Australia)
India Kaleidoscope
HIGGINS, Simon Moonshadow: Eye of the Beast (Series) (Japan –Historical
HILMAN, Robert Malini: Through My Eyes (Sri Lanka)
HWA, Kim Dong The Color of Earth (Korea, Graphic Novel)
KHAN, Rukhsana Jameela (Post-Taliban Afghanistan)
KHYENTSE, Norbu (director) The Cup Film
KWOK, Juanita & McKNIGHT, Lucinda Film Asia: New Perspectives on film for
Films featured for these levels include:
• Spirited Away (Japan)
• Sumo Do, Sumo Don't (Japan)
• The Cup (Bhutan)
LA MARCA, Susan & MACINTYRE, Pam Things a Map Wont Show You (collection)
LAT Kampung Boy (Graphic Novel, 1950s Malaysia)
LE, Hung Barry Noodles and DaKillerBs
LEBLANC, Andre The Red Piano (Communist China, PB)
LEVINE, Karen Hanaʼs Suitcase: A True Story (Set in Japan focus on WW2
LEWIS, Richard The Killing Sea (Aceh, Indonesia – 2004 Tsunami)
The Flame Tree (Indonesia)
LI Cunxin Maoʼs Last Dancer Autobiography
LI, Cunxin; SPUDVILAS, Anne (illustrator) The Peasant Prince PB
LIN, Grace Starry River of the Sky (China)
LLOYD, Alison Year of the Tiger (Ancient China)
Battle of the Jade Dragon (Ancient China)
LLOYD, Alison & DENTON, Terry Wicked Warriors and Evil Emperors (Ancient
China, NF)
LOFTHOUSE, Lz & INGPEN, Robert Ziba Came By Boat (Afghani refugees, PB)
MACINNIS, Peter Kokoda Track: 101 Days
McCAUGHREAN, Geraldine Tamburlaineʼs Elephants (India, History)
MC CORMICK, Patricia Sold (Nepal)
MARSDEN, Carolyn When Heaven Fell (Vietnam/USA)
MASSON, Sophie The Tiger (Indonesia)
MEEHAN, Kieren Hannahʼs Winter (Japan)
Night Singing (Japan)
In the Money Forest (Japan)
MILLER, David Refugees (PB)
MIYAZAKI, Hayao (Director) Spirited Away (Film) (Japan Fantasy)
MORIMOTO, Junko My Hiroshima PB
MORIWAKI, Yoko (Paul Ham) Yoko’s Diary: The Life of a Young Girl in Hiroshima
during WW2
MORPURGO, Michael Kensukeʼs Kingdom
Shadow (UK/Afghanistan refugees)
Running Wild (Indonesia)
MORTENSEN, Greg Three Cups of Tea (Afghanistan, Pakistan, NF)
MULLIGAN, Andy Trash (Philippines)
MURRAY, Kirsty India Dark
The Secret Life of Maeve Kwong (Chinese/Australian)
NAMIOKA, Lensey Ties that Bind, Ties that Break (Japan – historical)
NAPOLI, Donna Jo Bound (China – History)
PALMER, Tony Break of Day (Kokoda Track – History)
PARK, Linda Sue A Single Shard (Korea)
PHOMMAVAN, Oliver Thai-riffic! (Thai in Australia)
RAI, Bali City of Ghosts (India)
REIBSTEIN, Mark & YOUNG, Ed Wabi Sabi (PB)
SPIVAK, Dawnine; DEMI (illustrator) Grass Sandals (PB)
STAPLES, Suzanne Fisher Daughter of the Wind (Pakistan)
STARKE, Ruth Noodle Pie
Nips series (various cultures in Australia)
STICKLER, John; HAN Soma (illustrator) Land of the Morning Calm: Korean Culture
Then and Now (PB, NF)
SUO, Masayuki (director) Sumo Do, Sumo Donʼt (Film)
TAN, Shaun The Arrival (PB, textless, refugee experience)
Tales from Outer Suburbia (Collection)
VONDRA, Josef No-Name Bird
WANG, Gabrielle A Ghost in My Suitcase
Garden of Empress Cassia
The Hidden Monastery (Chinese Mythology)
Little Paradise (China/Australia 1940s)
WHELAN, Gloria First Girl
Homeless Bird (India)
WHITE, Trudy Japan Diary: My Double Summer
WILKINSON, Carole Dragon Keeper (series) (Ancient China Fantasy)
WOLFER, Diana & HARRISON-LEVER, Brian Photographs in the Mud (Kokoda
track - PB)
YANG, Gene Luen American Born Chinese (Graphic Novel)
YE, Ting-Xing Throwaway Daughter
YEN MAH, Adeline China: Land of Dragons and Emperors (NF)
Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society (China
The Mystery of the Song Dynasty Painting (China – History)
YO-YO The Vermonia Series (Japan, Manga)
Later Years
AINSWORTH, Geoffrey Hanabi
AW, Tash The Harmony Silk Factory (Malaysia)
BOTT, Anthony, GRAFTON, Lee, MILLARD, Carolyn & TREVASKIS, Doug
CAREY, Peter Wrong About Japan (NF, travel story)
CASWELL, Brian & CHIEM, David Phu An Only the Heart (Australia/Vietnam)
CATRAN, Wendy The Swap
CHANG, Ying Revolution is not a Dinner Party
CHO, Tom Look Who’s Morphing (Collection)
Compassion & Solidarity: A Bilingual Anthology of Indonesian Writing (various
COMPESTINE, Ying Chang Revolution is not a Dinner Party (Communist China)
CRIST-EVANS, Craig Amaryllis
DISHER, Garry Divine Wind (Broome, 1930s & 40s)
DO, Anh The Happiest Refugee (Autobiography)
ENG, Tan Twan The Gift of Rain (Anglo-Chinese Malaysian)
FINN, Mary Anilaʼs Journey
GIBB, Camilla The Beauty of Humanity Movement (Vietnam)
GRANT, Neil Indo Dreaming
GRANT, Neil & WILLIAMS, David From Kinglake to Kabul (NF, story exchange)
GROVER, Paul (editor) Voices Nearby: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Writing
HA, Jin The Bridegroom: Stories (Collection, China)
HALL, Lincoln Alive in the Death Zone (Autobiography)
HAMID, Mohsin The Reluctant Fundamentalist (USA/Pakistan)
HAWKE, Rosanne Marrying Ameera (Australia/Pakistan)
HEARN, Lian Across the Nightingale Floor (Series) (Japan, Historical, Fantasy)
HYDE, Michael Hey Joe
KANG, Hyoc This is Paradise!: My North Korean Childhood (Autobiography, North
KINGSTON, Maxine Hong The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Amongst
Ghosts (USA/China, semi-autobiographical)
KOCH, CJ The Year of Living Dangerously (Indonesia)
KWOK, Juanita & McKNIGHT, Lucinda Film Asia: New Perspectives on Film
for English
Films featured for these levels include:
• Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (China)
• Not One Less (China)
LAHIRI, Jhumpa Interpreter of Maladies (Indian at home and abroad)
The Namesake (India/USA)
LAPCHAROENSAP, Rattawut Sightseeing (Collection, Thailand)
LAW, Benjamin Family Law (Australia/Hong Kong, Collection)
LEBLANC, Andre The Red Piano (PB)
LEE, Ang (director) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Film)
LEE, Nam The Boat (Australia/Vietnam)
LI, Cunxin Maoʼs Last Dancer (Autobiography) (Also a Younger Readers edition)
LOMER, Kathryn The Spare Room (Australia/Japan)
McCORMICK, Patricia Sold
MITCHELL, Jane Chalkline
MORTENSEN, Greg Stones into Schools (NF – Afghanistan, Pakistan)
MURAKAMI, Haruki South of the Border, West of the Sun (Japan)
Na, An A Step from Heaven (Korea/USA)
PERERA, Anna Guantanamo Boy
PUNG, Alice Unpolished Gem (Autobiography)
(editor) Growing Up Asian in Australia (collection)
RAI, Bali City of Ghosts
RIPPIN, Sally Chenxi and the Foreigner
RUNDLE, Sharon & BHARAT, Meenakshi (editors) Alien Shores: Tales of Refugees
and Asylum Seekers from Australia and the Indian Subcontinent (collection)
SAMARASAN, Preeta Evening in the Whole Day (Malaysia)
SINCLAIR, Tim Nine Hours North (Australia/Japan)
TAN, Amy The Joy Luck Club (China/ America)
TOLBERT, Steve Tracking the Dalai Lama (Tibet)
WANG, Gabrielle Little Paradise (China/Australia, historical)
WHITE, Trudy Japan Diary
WHYMAN, Matt The Wild (Kazakhstan, Environmental themes)
WOLFER, Dianne; HARRISON-LEVER, Brian (illustrator) Photographs in the
Mud (PB, Kokoda Track)
XINRAN, Miss Chopsticks (China)
YAN, Geling The Uninvited (China)
YANG, Gene Yuen American Born Chinese (USA/China, Graphic Novel)
YEN MAH, Adeline Chinese Cinderella: The Secret Story of an Unwanted Daughter
YEN MAH, Adeline Falling Leaves: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter
(Autobiography – Adult Version of Chinese Cinderella)
ZHANG, Yimou (director) Not One Less (Film)