About my friend

Lesson 3
1.The description of a friend. English Idioms.
2.Grammar: constructions: as...as, not so...as.
Ресурс Grammar:
Г.В.Верба, Л.Г.Верба: § 316,p.147.
Exercises: Ex.272 , p . 323.
Vocabulary Practice
1.Read and translate the text:"About my friend"
Janet is my best friend, we go to school together. We have been friends for 5
years already, since she came to our school. Some people say that we look alike
but I don`t think so. Janet has blue eyes and fair hair, while my eyes are brown
and I`m dark-haired. She has a lovely fresh complexion and a beautiful mouth
with full lips, but she is short-sighted so she wears contact lenses. Janet is quite
tall and has a beautiful slim figure. Actually, we are the same height and build,
maybe that is why our nrighbours sometimes take me for Janet. Janet is very
smart and looks really attractive when she dresses up to go out with her
Janet likes studying languages and is thinking of learning them at the university to
be able to work later for a travel agency. She can already speak French and
Spanish fluently and is learning modern Greek. Janet loves being with crowds of
people and makes friends easily. She loves going to parties, and there she
immediatly becomes the centre of attention. Janet is good at games but never
takes them seriously, so when we play tennis, I always win because she doesn`t
care if she wins or loses.
Janet is very witty and amusing and she always cheers me up when I am
depressed, because she has a wonderful sense of humour. I think her only fault is
that she is restless and gets bored easily. She is an intelligent and hard-working
person, but she doesn`t get good marks at school because she doesn`t study
enough. I admire her because she is so bright and energetic, but I think it is a
good thing that both her boyfriend and I are calm and tolerant, and when she is
impatience with us we just laugh, and then she laughs, too.
2. Learn the following phrases:
I have a high (low) opinion of him- Я високої(поганої) думки про нього.
He is easy (hard) to get along with-З ним легко(важко) порозумітися.
He is a man of (no) character-Він людина з характером (безхарактерна).
He is always in a good humour-Він завжди в доброму гуморі.
She has a bee in her bonnet-Вона з дивацтвом.
She is as busy as a bee-Вона заклопотана.
He is as cool as a cucumber-Він холодний як лід (байдужий).
He is as cold as a fish-Він холодний як риба.
He is neither fish nor flesh-Він ні риба ні м`ясо.
He is fit as a fiddle-Він у піднесеному настрої.
Make up sentenses using as...as, not so...as, not as...as, according to the models:
Model: Our family is as big as that of my friend.
(happy, friendly. small, merry, industrious, musical, hospitable)
Model: My friend is as tall as you.
(broad-shouldered, handsome, lean, communicative, brave, kind, polite, witty,
absent-minded, frank)
Model: Ann is not so attractive as Dorothy is.
(good-looking, pretty, young, slender, neat, beautiful, kind, weak-willed)
Model: Jane is not as charming as Ann is.
(graceful. well-bred, honest, generous, jealous, naughty)
Change the sentences according to the model using the comparative and
superlative degrees of comparison of adjective:
Model: My fat father is tall.
My brother is taller.
My brother`s friend is the tallest of all.
1. Michael`s brother is strong. 2. Jane is pretty. 3. My mother`s smile is pleasant.
4. Ann`s eyes are expressive. 5. Your eyelashes are thick. 6. Mr. Brown is