The Best School Year Ever Vocabulary

The Best School Year Ever Vocabulary
1. Industrious: Working hard and steady
2. Cooperative: Willing to work with others
3. Compliments: An act of praise or approval
4. Relieved: Free from distress
5. Marred: Spoil
6. Anonymous: unknown
7. Lathered: To spread foam soap and water over something
8. Respirator: Device used to aid breathing
9. Apparently: Appearing to be real or true
10. Commotion: Noisy excitement and confusion
11. Resign: To give up office
12. Aptitude: Natural ability
13. Hysterical: A wild outburst of emotion
14. Suspense: Worry about the result of something
15. Hospitality: Friendly and generous treatment of guests
16. Swiped: To steal something
17. Sympathetic: Feeling sympathy or sorry for
18. Engagements: An appointment at a certain time and place
19. Circumstances: Conditions
20. Epidemic: Rapidly spreading outbreak of disease
21. Optimism: The habit of expecting things to turn out the best
22. Patriotic: Having or showing love of one’s country
23. Resourceful: Clever in dealing with problems
24. Suspicious: Likely to suspect or distrust
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