Joy Luck Club Reading Log

Joy Luck Club Reading Log (Due February 28)
This will count as one of the four Reading Journals you do this year!!!
You will have four reading logs, one for each section of the story. Make sure you put
the title of each section at the top of the Reading Log.
Section Twitter
Unfamiliar Words
(at least five words)
Story Summary(at
least five bullet
pointed events for
each story)
Predict (1-2
(at least 5 bullet
For each section, write 1-2 brief sentences recapping the
main events.
Write any unfamiliar words (especially the Chinese words)
you read and write them here in this section of your reading
journal, and define them using a dictionary
1. Unfamiliar word | page number | dictionary
2. Unfamiliar word | page number | dictionary
3. Unfamiliar word | page number | dictionary
4. Unfamiliar word | page number | dictionary
 What happened in this story? What were the main
 Instead of writing your summary in paragraph form,
list out the events as they happen in bullet point
format. They don’t have to be complete sentences.
 This will make it easier for you to use your reading
journal as a review before a reading quiz!
After you finish reading each story, make a prediction of
what you think will happen next. Include why you think that.
So far, what do you think is the reason the author
wrote this novel?
Are there any themes you recognize?
Any symbols?
Is there anything that you think is important to
remember from this section?
Do you like the novel so far? Why or why not?
Here are some sentence leads to help if you get
o I think this is funny because…
o This part makes me angry because…
o I wonder what this means…
o I really like or dislike this idea because…
o This character reminds me of somebody I know
This character reminds me of myself because…
I think this setting is important because…
This scene reminds me of a similar scene in
(title of book, movie, tv show, etc) because…
o This part is very realistic (or unrealistic) because
o I like or dislike this story because
o This section makes me think about …
o I think the relationship between ___ and ___ is
interesting because…
o I like or dislike this character because…
o This situation reminds me of my own life when…
o The character I most admire is _____
o If I were (name of character) at this point, I
Are there any passages from the novel that you didn’t quite
understand, and you would like to ask the teacher for help?
Is there anything you don’t understand?
Is there anything you would like to ask the class as a
discussion topic?
Each log is worth 25 points.
Breakdown of score for each log:
Twitter feed -- 2 points each
Unfamiliar Words – 5 points
Story Summary – 8 points
Prediction – 2 points
Reflection – 6 points
Questions – 2 points