FY15 ESG RFP Cover Narrative

Cambridge Department of Human Service Programs
FY2015 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program
Proposal for Funding - Cover Sheet
Agency Name
Project Name
Project Address
Agency Address
Telephone Number
Executive Director Name
Organization DUNS number
Tax ID or EIN
Project Contact Name & Title
Contact Telephone Number
Contact Email Address
Total program cost per year (include all
current funding sources)
Total ESG funding request
Funding request per category
Street Outreach
Emergency Shelter
Name and title of person authorized to submit application
I acknowledge that if funded, the proposed project must comply with the requirements and program guidelines detailed
in the ESG Program Interim Rule (24 CFR Part 576).
FY2015 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program
Proposal for Funding
To be considered for FY2015 ESG funding, please submit a narrative description of the project that addresses
each of the following topics. Please respond to each section completely and concisely, and limit the total
response to Questions 1-3 to a 1500 word maximum.
1. Describe the purpose, need and goals of the proposed project.
a. Specifically address how the project will help further the Cambridge CoC’s progress toward
meeting Federal Strategic Plan goals, and local priorities to focus on chronically homeless
individuals and families, particularly long-term stayers and high utilizers of emergency services
(police, ambulance, ER visits, etc.).
2. Describe the design of the project and its activities.
a. Describe the specific activities to be conducted by project staff to help clients identify and meet
their service and housing goals.
b. Identify the unduplicated number of persons to be served during FY2015. Include a description of
specific subpopulations that the project anticipates serving.
c. Describe the outreach plan to identify, assess and bring eligible clients into the project. Include a
description of current intake procedures.
d. Describe how the project will coordinate with other resources in the CoC, including participation
in the Homeless Services Planning Committee (HSPC) and other subcommittees and groups.
Please include the name of the staff person who will represent the project on the CoC’s
Coordinated Intake Working Group.
3. Describe the experience of the project applicant as it relates to carrying out the activities of the project.
a. Identify the person(s) responsible for program and financial management of the project,
including the name of the staff person(s) responsible for HMIS data entry.
b. Describe whether or not the agency involves at least one homeless or formerly homeless person
in a policy-making function within the agency.
c. Describe what mechanisms and procedures the project has in place to ensure quarterly billing
and HMIS compliance.