Facilitator Checklist

HOP-HS Facilitator Checklist
 Looked at the room where sessions will be held to plan seating
 Flip chart paper and markers for each session
 Checked to see if water and any other snacks will be available,
restrooms, emergency exits
 Checked to see if youth need permission slips to participate – agency
should use their standard permission forms
 Spoke to school/agency about mandated reporting procedures and
roles that are not mandated reporters
 Verify that the host agency has procedures in place should any medical
or safety concern arise. Know the contact for you to call for assistance
during the session times.
 Assessed if session four could be extended, if extra time is needed
 Reviewed roles with co-facilitator in advance
 Printed youth workbooks
 Printed scenario cards on cardstock paper (laminated if possible)
 Printed certificates for youth to handout after session 5
 Planned a date for the booster/check-in session 1 month after the
initial 5 sessions
 Completed Basic Information Sheet for Facilitators after the final
session and emailed to WISE contact