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Abstract submission form
6th International Conference in Coaching Supervision
10 May 2016
1. Your details:
Names of all
speakers with
affiliation and
email address
Biographies of all
speakers (100
words for all
2. Type of presentation:
Conceptual or research based paper
Case study based on professional practice
3. Abstract
(500 words max excluding title)
Each presentation is planned to last 45 minutes, with the last 10 mins being for discussion (final
details will be provided once presentations have been selected).
Title of
4. Short version of the abstract for conference materials
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Please, do not submit this form in a PDF form.
This form should be submitted by 8th January 2016 to Emma Meats at
Guidelines for Abstracts
Please, consider carefully what category of presentations your contribution best fits. The
explicit expectations for conference categories of presentations are:
Conceptual/research papers should be explicit about their theoretical or evidential
Case studies should illustrate implementation of practice with reflection on the
process and evaluation of outcomes.
Demonstrations in the form of workshops should identify learning outcomes and
elements of novelty.
All submissions should explicitly identify what new insights into coaching supervision
are being presented.
Abstract selection process
Each abstract is assessed blindly by the panel of 3 experts (academics and practitioners)
according to the above criteria. The decision is made as: ‘accept’, ‘reject’ or ‘accept with
revisions’. In case of a difference of opinions the final decision is made by the chair of the
You are very much encouraged to submit an abstract to this conference, but please, be
aware that with growing interest in the conference we have more abstracts submitted than
places available for presentation. Even good abstracts may be rejected for this reason.