November 6, 2014 - Rockford Public Schools

EMITT HS College and Career Readiness Council
November 6, 2014
4:30 – 6:30
Rockford Public Schools Administration Building - 3rd Floor – Board Room
Purpose: Communicate successes and address needs and barriers of Academy Teams and
Academy Support Teams
Present: Tim Watkins, June Hazzard, Earl Wisley, Nicole Luster, Robert Trojan, Bruce Kramer, Keri
Nelson, Caitlyn Baylor, Bridget French, Jim Emerson, Diane Durin, Lindsey Nelson, John Oller, Jennifer
Carson, Mike Saville, Nik Butenhoff, Mark Anderson, Greg Hodges, Evelyn Smith, Heidi Dettman, David
Allen, Sara Nielsen, Bruce Krammer, Chris Magee, Jill Jennings, Tyrone Fambro, Judy Gustafson, David
Carson, Sheila Schmitt
1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Update from Executive Director of College and Career Readiness
See the purpose above of this combined meeting of CCRC, AST, and Academy Teams at various
schools. Last year a meeting was held where everyone realized that they were not clear of the
various people involved and the roles in which they are involved. Meeting together will
enhance the three “C’s”: Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration.
Highlighted some of the items in the newsletter
The process has changed as the Academies change and grow, so the procedures also need to
change. Dr. Jarrett refers to the Academies an “Overnight Five Year Success”. The Academies
have started; we need to continue to work on what can be done to make them a better
experience for students.
RPS Academies have been recognized as part of the Next Generation Learning (NGL) Ford
Dave Carson received nation recognition at the National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC)
conference in October. The award was “The Exemplary Academy Educator Award” which is
given to an academy educator who has made a significant contribution to the success of a
career academy.
These awards help us recognize that the academies are on the right path and what we are doing
is commendable, but it is a work in process. One goal is that our academies receive Model
Status through NGL. This will not be possible for another 2 to 3 years due to there needs to be
at least one graduating class from the academies. Each academy can be recognized as an
individual. There is a possibility of 22 total entries. The handout of National Standards of
Practice (NSOP) is various standards for academies. Community involvement is mentioned in
numbers 6 and 8 of these standards.
RPS has put together some benchmarks for student achievement. The four areas are; Literacy,
Numeracy, College and Career Readiness, and Attainment. They have broken down the College
and Career Readiness area by grade levels. This describes the experiences should each student
have at each level. This will help provide ongoing progressive experiences for each student at
3. Subcommittee Update
Communication Committee has been formed. This group has been formed with representatives
from RPS Administration and each council. They are working on having an easy way to
communicate within the academy, other academies, with sites, and between sites. They are
looking at something like Facebook. The idea is to have something that we can communicate
events, pictures, links, needs, questions, etc. They are open to suggestions of things to look at
and see if it will meet the needs of all involved.
4. School Academy Team Discussion
 Academy Team Goals
 Summer Site Visit/Planning Updates, Ongoing Collaboration
 Courses & Projects; Development and Enhancements
PBL: Sustainability
 Using the Industrial revolution as a platform and brought in an EMITT teacher from each
pathway and discussed where their pathways were during the Industrial Revolution
o Kids had to develop a project to revolutionize their pathway
o Construction pathway kids’ idea was to develop an app that would show all building
codes depending on where you are located (Rockford vs. Winn Co vs. Cherry Valley)
o Now a team from RVC is going to work together to figure out a way to build the app.
 PE department is using the upcoming dance as an architecture lesson
 Upper level students are using program to create a music video
 Auto teacher looking at how to incorporate electric cars
 Jefferson Machining: get parts made from the students (can be purchased)
o Working with Greenlee Textron; Eclipse (trying to get girls interested in engineering)
o Needs: finding a location to invite all freshman girls to explore engineering
o Need: female engineers to come into classes to speak with students (Jill Jennings)
 Women of Today’s Manufacturing (connect to Jill)
 End of year they will show their projects that they’ve done through the year
o One of the last two Saturday’s in April
 Jill Jennings and Mark Sargant from Auburn going on an apprenticeship tour of Rock Valley
to learn more about industry certifications/apprenticeships available in our region
 AST members needed
o Auto
o Welding
 Project Lead the Way: getting students interested in engineering
 Need Robotics invoice from Chris Magee
 Aerospace teacher used to be a commercial pilot in Iraq
 “Project based learning IS EMITT”
 In conjunction with English dept. they are working on a newsletter as to what is going on in
 Set up Academy table at Manufacturing Expo showcasing what products they are taking to
market (Chamber’s event)
 Need to connect certification information (i.e. CNC, other apprenticeships offered at places
like Ingersoll/Eigerlab) to schools and students
 MSSC offered/begin piloted at Jefferson by Charles Kluzak
 Developed four pillars in mission statement that they’ve been living/Ensure students are
focusing on these four things every day
o Aptitude
o Innovation
o Versatility
o Ability to network
 Robotics team subassembly; CAD software was just recently installed; problem with Lab
based programming
o AST meeting was successful because Eclipse was able to go into the school to help
with some of the challenges they were facing. Yes!
 Implementing a check in/check out for at-risk students so they know that there is someone
they can go to and feel that EMITT is their “family” or cohort
 Looking for construction projects  connect with Habitat
 Brought 60 kids to Manufacturing day
 Working on writing directions (made marshmallow towers out of toothpicks and had to
describe how they made it)
 Suggestion: connect to your shop teacher to see how English teacher can integrate
 AST members needed:
o Construction industry
o Auto
o Welding
 Local competitions or programs students can take part in
 Robotics
Developing relationships
5. Summary of Meeting
AST team members are great resources. They are here to help the schools. Dream big and
don’t be afraid to ask.
Unite – sign up and refer to them for ways that people are willing to help.
This meeting helps communication with each other between schools and also what and who is
available in the community to help.
Companies can let schools know if they have any needs that students can help with.
Site need to make a list of needs with pictures for the January meeting. What projects you have
in mind and the materials and quantity you need for them. Along with that a basic description
of the project for brainstorming.
Community can help sites by making a list of the basic skills that are needed for various
Sites look at your AST teams and let us know what areas you still need
What projects to you have in mind and the materials?
6. Breakouts (as Needed)
Thank you all for attending and the great discussion!
Next Meeting: Jan. 22, 2015 – RPS Admin – 3rd floor Board Room – 4:30pm to 6:30pm