Responsibilities of the Mayor

Sec. 3.010 Mayor: Duties; Mayor pro tempore.
1. The Mayor shall:
(a) Serve as a member of the City Council and preside over its meetings.
(b) Have no administrative duties.
(c) Be recognized as the head of the City government for all ceremonial purposes.
(d) Perform such emergency duties as may be necessary for the general health, welfare and safety of the City.
(e) Perform such other duties, except administrative duties, as may be prescribed by ordinance or by the provisions
of Nevada Revised Statutes which apply to a mayor of a city organized under the provisions of a special charter.
2. The City Council shall elect one of its members to be Mayor pro tempore. Such person shall:
(a) Hold such office and title, without additional compensation, during the term for which he or she was elected.
(b) Perform the duties of Mayor during the absence or disability of the Mayor.
(c) Act as Mayor until the next municipal election if the office of Mayor becomes vacant.
The City Charter received form the Nevada State Legislature established a Council/manager form of
government responsible for setting policies and making decisions concerning many different aspects of
local government.
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