Request for AACH Faculty Letters of Support

American Academy on Communication in Healthcare
201 E. Main Street, Suite 1405
Lexington, KY 40507
fax(859) 514-9166
email: [email protected]
Dear Fellow Academy Faculty Member:
You have been asked to provide a letter of support for an application to the Facilitator Training
Program of the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare. In your letter, we would
appreciate specific information about the candidate’s:
Medical interviewing skills
Knowledge of interviewing and psychosocial medicine
Teaching skills, especially the degree to which the candidate is capable of using
learner-centered methods
Capacity for insight and self-reflection
Understanding of and ability to use group process in learning and teaching
Potential problems and doubts
Please think carefully about whether this person has sufficient familiarity with the Academy’s
culture and values to successfully complete their training in a reasonable period of time (three
years or less). Ask yourself whether you could envision this person as an Academy faculty
member. These are especially important issues now that we are charging tuition for the FIT
Program. If you are in any way uncertain, it is preferable to refer the candidate to take another
National Course. This is a very expensive commitment for the applicant and we want to assure
a high likelihood of success in a reasonable amount of time.
Thank you in advance for the time taken to write your letter. Your frank assessment of this
candidate will contribute greatly to the high quality of our training program.
Sincerely yours,
Lynn O’Neill, MD--Co-Director, Facilitator Training Program,
[email protected]
Craig Roth, MD--Co-Director, Facilitator Training Program,
[email protected]