Earthquake and Volcano Study Guide


Earthquakes and Volcanoes Study Guide


What is stress? Name: ____________________________________ Date: ________________ Period: ___________ 2.

Which type of seismic wave arrives first at a seismograph? 3.

What is a focus? 4.

What is an epicenter? 5.

What is a fault? 6.

What is a seismograph? 7.

What is a hot spot? 8.

Inside a volcano, magma collects in a pocket called _________________. 9.

A volcano that is erupting or has shown signs that it may erupt in the future is called _________________. 10.

What is magma? 11.

What causes tsunamis? 12.

What causes magma to be thicker?

Name: ____________________________________ Date: ________________ Period: ___________ 13.

What are the three types of stress? 14.

What do geologists use to locate an earthquake’s epicenter? 15.

What is the moment magnitude scale? 16.

What is the point on Earth’s surface that is directly above an earthquake’s focus called? 17.

What is the Ring of Fire? 18.

Where does molten rock and gas leave a volcano? 19.

What is a geyser? 20.

Is the liquid magma that flows upward through the crust more or less dense than the solid material around it? 21.

Explain why ash, cinders, and bombs are produced only in explosive eruptions, not in quiet eruptions.