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July 23, 2010
Department of Parks and Recreation 301-725-7800
City of Laurel Cooling Station
Mayor Craig A. Moe has announced that due to the high heat and humidity forecasted for the
upcoming days, the City of Laurel, if it becomes necessary, will utilize the Robert J. DiPietro
Community Center, located at 7901 Cypress Street, and the Anderson-Murphy Community Center,
located at 422 Montgomery Street, as cooling centers during all normal hours of operation on
Saturday, July 24th and on Sunday, July 25th during regular business hour at the Anderson-Murphy
Community Center only since the Robert J. DiPietro Community Center is closed on Sundays. If it
becomes necessary to open these buildings as cooling centers, please bring your own water and
Temperatures in the mid-nineties, combined with high humidity may create a dangerous
situation for children, the elderly, and those who suffer from chronic heart or lung conditions. Code
Red is called when there is stagnant air, little chance of rain, high humidity, and temperatures above
95° Children should reduce outdoor activities, healthy individuals should limit strenuous outdoor work
or exercise, and individuals with respiratory or heart ailments should limit all outdoor activities. Also,
stay well hydrated. Sweat, or water, allows heat to evaporate from your skin’s surface. If you
become dehydrated, it is more difficult for your body to maintain an acceptable temperature. The best
thing to drink is water. Gatorade or other sports drinks are also good. Avoid drinks containing alcohol
or caffeine.
Avoid heavy physical exertion when high levels of heat and humidity are present. High
humidity levels make it more difficult for your body to dissipate heat.
Tips to follow during the high heat and humidity:
At Work
Avoid the heat
Reduce activity
Drink plenty of water
Wear light-colored clothing
Drink plenty of water
Take frequent rest breaks in the air conditioning or shade
At Home
Please check on relatives, neighbors and friends, especially the elderly during the extreme
heat and humidity of summer.
Never leave children or pets unattended in a car. This is extremely hazardous and frequently
causes serious health issues and can very easily cause death.
Do NOT leave pets outside unattended during the day. Animals sweat by panting when they
are extremely hot, so they need to be kept indoors when the temperatures and humidity reach
extreme levels.
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