Minutes for College of Humanities

Minutes for College of Humanities
Administrative Council
Monday, February 2, 2015
~ Pending Approval @ March 2, 2015 Meeting ~
Members Present: Scott Andrews, Douglas Carranza, Brian Castronovo, Gina Masequesmay,
Evelyn McClave, Teresa Morrison, Jody Myers, Mary Pardo, Elizabeth Say, Karin Stanford,
Jackie Stallcup, Suren Seropian, Rick Talbott, Marvin Villanueva.
1. Call to Order: 2:04
2. Reviewed 12-01-14minutes – MSP
3. H1B Visa
A discussion took place about the University’s H-1B temporary employment procedures. Several
detailed handouts were distributed which provided an overview of the key requirements. CSUN
will support H-1B status for a job candidate who has been offered a tenure/tenure-track position
as a faculty member. All requests for H-1B status at CSUN must be initiated by the academic
department chair by contacting Daisy Lemus at (818) 677-2962, or at [email protected]
4. Impaction - Harry Hellenbrand 2:30 time certain
Provost Hellenbrand had a discussion with the Administrative Council about the campus
declaring impaction for Fall 2015. 17 of the 23 California State University (CSU) campuses will
be declaring impaction for first-time freshmen.
5. Space issues – EW absent, brief discussion, tabled till next meeting
6. E-Travel – EW absent, brief discussion, tabled till next meeting
7. After the fact purchases – EW absent, brief discussion, tabled till next meeting
8. Explore CSUN – Marvin V.
Explore CSUN, an event coordinated by the Office of Student Outreach and Recruitment, will
take place this year on Saturday, April 18th from 8:30 am – 3 pm. The event historically has a
huge turnout; geared towards applicants who have applied to CSUN and have qualified but have
not committed. This could be an opportunity to engage incoming students and showcase the
College. A poster session presentation by faculty who work with students was suggested. Faculty
names suggested were: Kathy Leslie, Claire White, Scott Kleinman.
9. Commencement & Receptions
A discussion took place about departments/programs potential interest in a large college-wide
reception for commencement. Please be in contact with the dean’s office if this is something
your units would like to consider.
10. Community Engagement page
A discussion took place about the request for a college based Community Engagement page, a
searchable inventory of community agencies with which we have a relationship. An example
handout was distributed for review.
11. Chairs Issues
There was a discussion about the challenges of teaching Stretch Writing classes for international
students; Linguistics is submitting a proposal to teach 113 A&B for this specific population.
12. Announcements
a. Reminder - Title IX training (3-24-14) – will be required of every person who
works or attends the university. Susan Hua from Equity and Diversity will lead
training for the college (Department Chairs, Program Directors, and their ASC
support staff) from 12-4pm on March 24th in the Whitsett Room. Lunch will be
b. All CSUN employees are required to complete the online Information Security
Awareness training. Please encourage any employees who have not yet completed
the training to do so as soon as possible or they may lose their I.T. access.
c. The College SSC/EOP office is asking for your patience during some staff
transitions this semester.
13. Adjournment – 3:55 pm
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