Heartmoves FAQ

Heartmoves FAQ
1. Who is managing the Heartmoves program?
The YMCA and the Heart Foundation are in partnership to ensure the continued delivery of the
Heartmoves program across the country. The Heart Foundation will play an advisory role for the program,
however YMCA will be responsible for the daily management of the Heartmoves program, including leader
training and support to licensees.
The YMCA’s vision is to make a positive difference, by providing each and every person with opportunity to
be healthy, happy and connected. This underpins the foundation of the partnership between the Heart
Foundation & YMCA. This partnership allows the Heartmoves program to continually evolve to ensure the
program remains able to support people at risk of or living with chronic disease and to reduce premature
death and suffering from heart, stroke and blood vessel disease. As Licensees, you are a key to this
program being delivered across Australia to support communities and the YMCA will continue to support
you to achieve this outcome.
2. What happens to my licence after 30 June 2014?
If your licence falls due before 30 June 2014, you will have been contacted by the Heart Foundation to
renew your licence for another 12 months or for a fixed period until 30 June 2014. The license will be
assigned over to YMCA commencing 1 July 2014. Your letter of assignment from the Heart Foundation is
included in this Welcome Pack confirming the assignment and your current licence expiry
For those licenses expiring after 30 June, the YMCA will send an invitation to renew your licence with them
at least 30 days prior to expiry.
3. Will the Licence fee change?
No, your licence fee will remain the same for the upcoming 12 month period. The YMCA is not expecting
that there will be any significant changes to the Licensing fee system.
4. Can I still use my old PEAR forms (screening) after 30th June?
Yes, you may use your existing PEAR forms until your stock runs out. We are currently working on cobranded electronic versions of the forms which will be available for use post 30th June 2014.
5. What about all my Heart Foundation branded materials?
You can continue to use all your Heart Foundation branded materials. The program will continue to be
called “Heart Foundation Heartmoves” with the Heart Foundation branding for at least the next 12
months. Cobranded materials will be phased in using the logo below:
6. Will all YMCA’s be running Heartmoves from now on?
YMCA Australia, the national body, will play the same role as the Heart Foundation i.e. issue licences to
fitness centres and fitness instructors. It will be up to the local YMCA to take out a licence and have their
staff accredited in the program as is the case for any other fitness centre. There may be an opportunity for
existing Heartmoves instructors to work with local YMCA’s to expand the reach and awareness of the
program. If you are interested in contacting your local YMCA to explore such opportunities please email
[email protected] .
7. Will I still get access to the Members Only Area on the Heartmoves website?
Yes, you will continue to get access to all these materials post 1st July 2014 via the current members only
portal on the Heartmoves website and your username and password will remain the same too.
8. Who will answer my questions about the program?
The YMCA will provide assistance to you post 1st July 2014. Please refer to the “Contact Us & Support
Structure” Document for further details.
10. Can I still arrange direct debit for my licence fees?
Yes, the YMCA will continue to process monthly direct debits post 1st July 2014. Please find enclosed YMCA
new “direct debit” forms for the monthly payment post 30 June 2014.
11. Who do I send the PEAR (screening) forms to?
Please send all PEAR forms to Heartmoves post 1st July 2014;
Att: Heartmoves Data Management
88 Market St,
South Melbourne 3205
Victoria, Australia
or [email protected]
The YMCA is working on an electronic version of this form.
12. Will the training still be Accredited with the Peak organisations?
Yes, the program will remain accredited with Fitness Australia, Physical Activity Australia, Exercise Sports
Science Australia and Australian Physiotherapy Association, and all training courses will continue to attract
professional development points.
13. Will YMCA run training workshops in all states?
Yes, as the YMCA has strong links across Australia it is anticipated that the YMCA will be able to deliver
more Heartmoves Leader training workshops throughout all states and territories, in both metropolitan
and regional areas. This will give more fitness and exercise professionals the opportunity to become
accredited Heartmoves leaders and to further grow the reach of the program.
14. Will cardiac rehab and other health professionals still refer their patients to Heartmoves if it is not
with the Heart Foundation?
Yes, the program will remain a safe, a low to moderate intensity exercise program suitable for people with
stable chronic conditions or anyone who has not exercised before.
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