CAD Major Graduation Planning sheet

CAD Major Graduation Planning-Beginning Freshman & Transfers 2015-16
University Graduation Requirements
 120 Units:
30 units Lower Division (LD); 40 units Upper Division (UD)
The remaining units are within major and from electives
 GWAR Course:
CAD Students are required to take CAD 500
Minimum grade required: C
Students unable to pass this class in 2 attempts may not earn a CAD degree
 Major
Refer to Advising Worksheet for course work in chosen concentration and year:
Early Childhood, School Age, Youth Work/Out of School Time, Policy, Advocacy & Systems
 Overlays: Designated topics within courses; courses may be lower, upper, in GE, major or minor.
All four overlays must be satisfied.
1) American Ethnic & Racial Minorities (AERM)
2) Environmental Sustainability (ES)
3) Global Perspectives (GP)
4) Social Justice (SJ)
The same course may fulfill more than one overlay
Students transferring with an AA-T or AS-T degree not required to fulfill overlay requirements
Check CAD courses to see if any overlays are satisfied
 Lower Division GE:
 Upper Division GE:
39 units minimum
Transfer students may complete the lower division GE at another campus
if courses have been approved
9 units minimum; these units count toward the 40 Upper Division units
One course from each of 3 domains: UD-B, UD-C, UD-D
2014-2015: List of courses in major that satisfy Overlays, Lower Division GEs & Upper Division GEs
Early Childhood
EED 613: Integrated arts
curricula in ECE- SJ
EED 615: Environmental
education in ECE-ES
CAD 210: Intro to Applied Child and Adolescent Development – LD Area D1
CAD 260: Child, Family and Community: An Ecological Perspective – LD Area D1, LLD
CAD 120: Child Development, Social Justice, and Academic Success - LD Area D1, LLD (Area E),
School Age
AAS 512: Asian American
Children’s/Teen LiteratureAERM, UD-C
CWL 440: Typical American
narratives if multicultural
Americas since 1942-GP
Youth Work /Out of School
HED 315: Drugs & Society- GP,
TPW 490: Grant writing- SJ
HED 520: Race, class, gender
and health promotion, SJ
HED 455: Community
organizing and community
building-AERM, SJ, E (LLD),
ENG 655: Literature and the
Adolescent Reader-AERM
BIOL 310: Biology for today’s
world- UD-B
AIS 410: Perspectives of native
California Indians- ES
GEOG 552: Geography of CA- ES
BIOL 330: Human sexualityE (LLD), UD-B
RPT 380: Development play
process- E (LLD), UD-D
RPT 440: Urban recreation,
park and leisure services-SJ
SOC 469: Gender and SocietyUD-D
HIST 450: History of CA-UD-D
GEOG 107: World regions and
interrelations- GP, D1
GEOG 101: Our physical
environment- ES, BI
CAD Major Graduation Planning Worksheet
Designated topics within courses; courses may be lower, upper, in GE, major or minor.
Same course may fulfill more than one overlay
American Ethnic & Racial Minorities (AERM)
Global Perspectives (GP)
Environmental Sustainability (ES)
Social Justice (SJ)
Lower Division GE – 39 units minimum
Take one course in each area either in a single topical perspective or through Study Abroad
Check to see if any GE requirement can be met in major
Area A: English Language Communication & Critical Thinking (9-12 units minimum—12 is for Freshman)
Minimum Grade: CR or C- required
Semester/Year Grade
3 units: Oral Communication (A1)
3 units: Written Communication (A2)
3 units: Critical Thinking (A3)
0-3 units: Written Communication II (A4)
Area B: Scientific Inquiry & Quantitative Reasoning (9 units minimum)
Semester/Year Grade
3 units: Physical Science (B1)
3 units: Life Science (B2)
0-1 units: Lab Science (B3)
3 units: Math/Quant Reasoning (B4)
Area C: Arts & Humanities (9 units minimum)
Semester/Year Grade
3 units: Creative Arts (C1)
3 units: Humanities (C2)
3 units: One additional course in C1 or C2
or C3 if at SFSU
Area D: Social Sciences (9 units minimum)
Transfer students who have completed Area D without having satisfied the U.S. History and U.S. and CA Government
requirements, may choose from the list of approved courses in the Bulletin.
Transfer students who did not complete 9 units in Area D must take additional Area D course, which may also satisfy the
U.S. History and Government requirements (Areas D2 and D3)
Semester/Year Grade
3 units: Social Sciences (D1)
3 units: US History (D2)
3 units: US/CA Government (D3)
Area E: Life Long Learning & Self-Development (LLD) (0-3 units minimum; lower or upper are acceptable)
Semester/Year Grade
Any course with LLD Designation
May be upper or lower division;
in GE, the major, the minor or elective
Upper Division GE – 9 units minimum
3 units: Upper Divisions Physical/Life
Science (UD-B)
3 units: Upper Division Arts/Humanities
3 units: Upper Divisions Social Science
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