minutes - Council of Social Agencies

Council of Social Agencies
Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance @ 8:15 a.m.
Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes – February
March 19, 2014
8:00 a.m.
Self-Introductions and Announcements – “60
Seconds of Fame”
Debra Ames – CareerSource Research Coast Funding available for displaced workers employment
transition and On the Job Training. 50-90% On the Job
training reimbursement. Offering paid internships.
Beth Amey - 2 nd Chance Mental Health Center Serves Treasure Coast residents with Mental Health
and Substance Abuse issues. Now accepting Medicaid
HMOs. Provide lunch and transportation.
Lisa Beatty - Children’s Home Society - Transition
Living Program serves aged out foster care youth (1823 y.o.). Residential programs for foster children and
youth that are 18 y.o., in high school and homeless.
Tomeka Carter - Zion’s Daughters of Distinction
Ministries- Intervention program (Jewels) for juveniles
going through legal system. Helps with anger
management and bullying awareness, as well as
educating the community on the impact of the media on
youth today.
Laura Castro – Florida Rural Legal Services – Help
low-income people in all 4 counties (Indian River,
Martin, St. Lucie and Okeechobee with foreclosure
prevention and other needs. Must be 275% or less of
the poverty level.
Michele Topnick – New Horizons of the Treasure
Coast. Assist adults and children with mental health
Harbor Place 3700 SE Jennings RoadPSL
Motion made by J Wilder, second by Sam
Patterson with unanimous approval.
Cassey Chang – St. Lucie County School District – Title I office. MH Services. Garden City
Annex. Have parent ESL program, Rosetta stone lab, Technology classes. Provided monthly
calendar. Provided event calendar with free resources.
Gail Griffith – Guardian Ad Litem. Advocates for abuse, abandoned and neglected. 400
kids in St. Lucie County. Also, advocates for kids in court system. 800 on the Treasure
Kate Priest – TC Hospice – liaison for Home Health and private duty nursing agencies.
Hospice offers bereavement counseling for all grief and loss issues, not just death. Have
special program for children.
Cheryl Handy – POP “Power of Parenting.” Established last year. Provide parental support,
community awareness, effective parenting programs, community enrichmen t programs.
Work within a community, “go to the parents” where they reside. ‘Search engine’ for parents.
Initial community is Madison Cay. Also works with a pediatric rehabilitation company
providing OT, PT, recreational therapy. Distributed Brochure.
Christy Kee - Department of Health - Project Aids -Serves those with advance stages of
AIDS/HIV. Transitioning with the roll out of the Affordable Care Act. It is unclear at this time
what the impact will be on their programs. Also runs COSA Swap Shop and 50/50
fundraisers. Handed out flyer for next month’s “Spring Fling”
Emily McNutt – Mary’s Shelter of the Treasure Coast – Homeless shelter for pregnant
women. Also has a thrift store. (See program for more details).
Deacon John Mostler – Dignity for All, Inc. – works with homeless people, as well as with
St. Vincent De Paul and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parishes. Outreach for feeding, shelter
support, obtaining identification.
Stefanie Myers - St. Lucie County Community Services – Provides services for
transportation and supporting low income households to become self-sufficient.
Nadine Satchell – Fort Pierce Housing Authority, Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator.
Assists those in the section 8 or public housing program to identify and implement strategies
to get off the government benefit program.
Sam Patterson – Division of Blind Services. Serves Palm Beach County and the Treasure
Coast – assist those with vision loss from birth to end of life. Looking for outreach
opportunities to let the community know.
Brady Talley – Indian River State College/Adult Education Help those 16 - 89 years old.
Have 3,600 students in the tri-county area. New GED Certificate rollout is in process with
Jim Wilder – Rupert J. Smith Law Library – Serves those in need of legal guidance
research - cannot advise - open 7 days a week. Can file petitions, end of life care, and
notarize wills. Jim also offers CPR/AED/First Aid classes at cost for those members who
are interested.
V. Program – Mary’s Shelter – Emily McNutt
Transitional home for Homeless & Pregnant women 18 years or older. Goal is to break the
cycle. www.maryssheltertc.org. Only one on the treasure coast.
Community Resource Identification and Discussion
Not an emergency shelter. Some move out before birth of the child, some stay 2-3 months after
Mothers have a point system and can earn points for the work they do
Help mothers become self-sufficient and free of government support.
Plans are individualized. No Fee. Mothers are asked to save their money.
Executive Director – Gina Thompson, Jody Hessing, Operations Manager, Kate.
Shelter has 5 Double occupancy beds and 2 nurseries for those nearing end of program.
4 women reside in the shelter now.
Funded only through community donations. No government assistance provided.
Only maternity home on the Treasure Coast.
Residents volunteer nearby to help give back.
Since April 2010, they have helped 80 women and 32 babies have been born.
Live in Housemother. All Volunteer staff. Always looking for volunteers and mentors!
Work with Carenet for counseling & parenting service.
Get assistance with benefit enrollment and navigation of medical care.
Help with Domestic Violence situations.
Fatherhood Resource Center offered to help men become more involved in child’s life.
Work with HPS and Devereux.
Operate thrift store for clothing, furniture, trinkets & much more.
Involved with Give America – Giving Day facilitated through United Way of Martin County and
Palm Beach.
Offer financial aid for certificate programs, GED costs, etc..
Some choose to give their child up for adoption.
AEGIS is Hiring – Job fair March 22, 2014 9am -3pm.
Mary’s Shelter is looking for a van for transportation.
Need expressed for more father relationship development programs
Giving Day “Give America” – facilitated with Martin PBC United Ways.
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and there will be events for CASTLE.
Committee Reports
Membership – 27 members
Swap Shop -$26 – Jim Wilder won the $13.
Next Meeting - Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Swap Shop
Events and Other Announcements
9:30 a. m. Meeting Adjourned
Minutes respectfully submitted by Stefanie Myers
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