Elevator Maintenance Specifications

1. Scope of Work
The Contractor shall furnish all necessary labor, equipment, supplies and materials and
other accessories, services and facilities for the full service maintenance and inspection of the
elevators and related equipment at University in strict accordance with the Specifications,
terms and conditions of this Request for Proposal and the Agreement included herein.
A. Pro-active Preventive Maintenance: Contractor agrees to regularly and systematically
examine, clean, lubricate, adjust, and as conditions warrant, repair or replace all vertical
transportation equipment included under this Agreement. Contractor shall maintain elevator
machine rooms, hoistways, pits, car tops, and equipment in or on these areas in a consistently
clean condition.
B. The University typically uses original equipment manufacturers to maintain elevators and
would prefer that the Contractor continue this practice.
C. Equipment:
Serial #
903 (College)
903 (College)
904 (Housing)
905 (Housing)
Elevator 1
Elevator 2
Elevator 1
Elevator 2
2. Regulations
All elevators under this Contract shall be maintained in accordance with all requirements of the
American Standard Safety Code ANSI A17.1 latest edition or revisions. The Contractor agrees to
abide by all existing laws, codes, rules and regulations set forth by all applicable authorities
having jurisdiction where the work is being performed. The Contractor shall not be required to
install new attachments as may be recommended or directed by insurance companies, federal,
state, municipal or governmental authorities, subsequent to the commencing of the work.
3. Qualifications
A. The subcontractor shall have a minimum of five (5) years experience performing maintaining
comparable equipment as specified herein.
B. At least two (2) of the subcontractor’s mechanics shall have had previous maintenance
experience with identical equipment.
C. The Contractor agrees that all work shall be performed by and under the supervision of
skilled, experienced, elevator service and repair technicians directly employed and supervised by
the subcontractor.
5. Service of Hydraulic Elevators
Regularly and systematically examine, clean, lubricate, adjust and when conditions warrant,
repair or replace the following:
A. Power plant complete, consisting of its enclosure, pump, motor power transmission elements
between the pump and motor, valves of every kind, strainers, mufflers, gaskets, and all other
B. Entire controller and motor starter, including accessories.
C. Entire "jack unit", including everything except excluded items listed hereinafter.
D. All electrical wiring, conduit, ducts, traveling cables, etc., from and beyond the elevator
equipment of every kind to the mainline disconnect switches, and hoist way outlets.
E. All piping, fittings, and accessories; such as, vibration dampeners, silencers, etc. between the
pumping plant and the jack unit. Underground piping not included. F. All heating or cooling
elements, facilities, insulation, and accessories for controlling the oil temperature.
G. Hydraulic fluid.
H. Emergency lighting, if furnished and installed by same manufacturer.
I. Fireman's service equipment.
J. Automatic power door operators, landing and car door hangers, landing and car door contacts,
door protective devices, hoist way door interlocks, bottom door guides, manual door closers, and
auxiliary door closing devices.
K. Conduct a yearly relief valve test and cylinder leakage test on all hydraulic elevators in
accordance with Section 1001 ANSI A17.1 Code.L. Re-lamp all signals during regular
L. All other miscellaneous equipment, materials, solid-state components, etc., not mentioned
above or in the make-up of the complete elevator or elevators. M. Maintain a clean the elevator
hoist way and related equipment including rails, inductors, hoist way door hangers and tracks,
relating devices, switches, buffers, car tops and pit areas.
N. Perform the following tests on the elevator equipment:
Test car and counterweight safeties, governors, buffers, and all other safety devices. The car
balance will be checked and the governor set. If required, the governor will be re-calibrated and
sealed for proper tripping speed.
6. Procedures
A. All tests performed on the elevator equipment described herein will be in accordance with the
most recent ANSI/ASME A17 Code requirements. Written reports of all tests shall be submitted
and reviewed with the University's Representative within thirty (30) days following completion
of all tests.
B. The elevator mechanic shall provide preventative maintenance at the job site a minimum of
one (1) hour per unit per inspection for elevators.
C. The maintaining of this equipment, in a safe condition within proper operating limits, as
originally specified, and with minimum downtime is of paramount importance.
7. Schedule
A. All work specified herein, except emergency minor adjustment callback service, shall be
performed during the University's regular working hours.
B. The scheduling, frequency, and performance of the maintenance service procedures specified
above shall be done in accordance with the manufacturer's established procedures.
8. Items Excluded From Contract
The following items of elevator equipment, hoist way, and machine room enclosures are not
included in this Contract:
A. Car enclosure, including side walls, interior paneling, handrails, bases, car tops, car lighting
fixtures, reflectors, and drop ceilings, and if necessary, refinishing, repairing, or replacing these
B. Car fan, gates and/or doors, hoist way enclosure, rail alignment, hoist way doors, door frames,
sills, hoist way gates, finished flooring, power feeders switches and their wiring and fusing, car
light diffuses, light tubes or bulbs, smoke or heat sensors.
9. Inventory
The subcontractor shall maintain on a cost reimbursable basis, a sufficient amount of
replacement parts, by the original manufacturer, to maintain the equipment in first class and safe
operating condition. These parts shall be made available for inspection by the University's
Representative upon request. The inventory shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
A. Elevators
1. 1 spare pump
2. 1 set of belts for pump to motor
3. 1 set of jack packing, each size
4. 1 door operator motor
5. 1 set of door operator belts
6. 1 set of door operator rectifiers
7. 6 control relays, each size
8. 1 motor starter contact kit
9. 1 motor starter coil
10. 1 set of motor starter overloads
11. 1 car stop switch
12. 1 set of car pushbuttons
13. 1 set of hall pushbuttons, each kind
14. 1 limit switch
15. 1 hoist way door interlock
16. 2 interlock door hanger rollers
17. 6 car door rollers
18. 1 photo cell (2 units)
19. 1 photo cell amplifier
20. 6 photo cell bulbs
21. 8 motor brushes of each type
22. 1 electrical relay coil of each type
23. 5 normally open contacts of each type
24. 5 normally closed contacts of each type
25. 5 moveable contacts
26. 2 CPU I/O card rack and boards
27. 2 I/O card rack and boards
28. 2 relay interface
29. 2 resistor boards
30. 2 cable-relay interface to input
31. 2 cable-relay interface to output
B. Special Tools
1. The following special tools shall be kept at the Rosen Campus:
a. Wheel puller
b. Shaft knurler
2. The following special tools shall be kept in the local service office:
Diagnostic service tools - microprocessor systems.
10. Microprocessors and Reprogramming
The subcontractor shall maintain, in stock, available for immediate usage, an inventory of
replacement parts for any microprocessor equipment used in the elevator system. The
subcontractor shall have full capabilities to reprogram or change the program of the elevator
11. Inspection
The Contractor shall have examined the premises and satisfied himself as to the existing
conditions under which he will be obligated to operate in performing the work specified herein.
The Contractor shall use an independent certified state inspector to perform annual state
12. Quality Performance and Repair Log
The Contractor shall provide and maintain in each machine room, a maintenance schedule and
record, a call-back and repair log, and shall make all these documents available to the University
upon request.
The University will be closely involved with the quality and level of maintenance service of
these elevators. The University and elevator contractor shall meet quarterly to discuss and review
performance reports on the service level of the University elevators.
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