Vector Components Worksheet

Vector Components Worksheet
Directions: Solve the problems below by breaking the vectors into their x- and y-components. Show the
correct units for your answer and circle your final answer. Show all work for each problem.
1. Find the component velocities of a helicopter traveling 95km/hr at an angle of 15 degrees to the
2. An airplane takes off from the ground with a velocity of 145km/hr at an angle of 23 degrees
from the ground. How fast would a vehicle need to travel in order to stay directly under the
plane as it were taking off?
3. An arrow is shot from a bow at an angle of 25 degrees above the horizontal with an initial speed
of 45m/s. Find the horizontal and vertical components of the arrow’s initial velocity.
Vector Components Worksheet
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4. The arrow strikes a deer in the woods with a speed of 45m/s at an angle of 335 degrees.
Calculate the horizontal and vertical components of the arrow’s velocity.
5. A jogger runs uphill for a race at an angle of 10 degrees for a distance of 87.5m. What is the
vertical displacement and horizontal displacement of the jogger?
6. A child rides a wagon down an incline of a hill which has a length of 23.0m with a decline angle
of 30.5 degrees to the horizontal. What are the horizontal and vertical components of the
child’s displacement?
Vector Components Worksheet
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