Trigonometry Practice Problems

Trigonometry Practice Problems
1. Find “a” in the following triangles:
a = 6.9
a = 3.5
2. The base of the right-angled triangle shown is 5 cm in length, and the angle A is 60°.
Calculate the altitude BC.
h = 8.66
3. A railway is inclined at an angle of 1° to the horizontal. Find the vertical height
climbed when a train travels 1 km up the hill.
Vertical height = 17.45 m
4. The foot of a ladder is 1.5 m from a vertical wall. The ladder makes an angle of 68°
with the horizontal. How far up the wall does the ladder reach?
y = 3.7 m
5. The string of a kite is 120 m long and makes an angle of 70° with the horizontal.
What is the height of the kite?
y = 112.76 m
6. A ship travels 10 km on a course heading 50º east of north. How far north and how
far east has the ship traveled at this point?
y = 6.43 km
x = 7.66 km