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Imtech Marine B.V.
Sluisjesdijk 155
P.O. Box 5040
NL-3008 AB Rotterdam
The Netherlands
+31 10 487 19 11
Rotterdam, 14 February 2013
Higher throughput & improved coverage; remote monitoring through VSAT
Imtech Marine upgrades & extends Global Ku-band
VSAT Network
Imtech Marine has upgraded and extended the coverage of its Global VSAT Network. In
addition to its already extensive network, Imtech Marine can now offer VSAT coverage
in the South Atlantic Ocean, between South America and Africa, an important area for
the international maritime industry. Imtech Marine offers a reliable, cost effective and
always-on broadband communication solution that utilises the proven iDirect Evolution
platform. This global solution covers all major shipping routes and provides
guaranteed quality of service, Service Level Agreements, 24/7 support and worldwide
VSAT coverage, including automatic beam switching.
Eric van den Adel, Imtech Marine Managing Director: “By upgrading our Global VSAT
Network we can offer our customers a higher throughput, better coverage and provide the
most economical and effective business and crew communications. Imtech Marine’s vision is
to be a true lifecycle management partner for our customers and help them lower their Total
Cost of Ownership. By effectively combining our expertise in system integration and
maintenance of technology on board, we support our customers during the full lifetime of a
ship. Connectivity solutions are an important part of our lifecycle portfolio. From another angle,
we also offer our customers remote monitoring and maintenance services through the
unrivalled global VSAT connection, via our Global Technical Assistance Centres in Rotterdam,
Houston and Singapore. A very effective way to support our customers with efficient, low cost
support while the ship is at sea.”
At the same time as expanding the network, Imtech Marine, together with its partner ITC
Global, seamlessly upgraded to the latest iDirect Evolution software version 3.1.This new
software offers customers on Imtech Marine’s Global VSAT Network many advantages such
as improved IP throughput and efficiency on their Ku-band VSAT Network as well as improved
beam switching for maritime terminals, which is now both easier and faster. It also supports
each application on board with the most efficient transport technology and offers more efficient
multicasting, making video applications much faster.
Noot aan de redactie:
Note for the editorial board:
Voor meer info kunt u contact opnemen met Imtech Marine,
Annet Boers, Senior Corporate Communications Manager;
[email protected]
For more specific information please contact Imtech Marine,
Annet Boers, Senior Corporate Communications Manager;
[email protected]
Notes for editors:
In 2012, Imtech Marine and ITC Global formed a strategic alliance cementing an already wellestablished relationship in order to bring complete connectivity packages to the maritime
industry. The alliance means that customers get the benefits of having automatic beam
switching and seamless connectivity for their vessels across the globe. The companies
originally began working together in 2007 and since that time have jointly developed the
Imtech Marine Global Ku-band VSAT Network. ITC is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and is
the world’s leading corporate network and communications solutions provider.
Profile Imtech Marine
Imtech Marine (headquarters in Rotterdam) is a leading company in the global maritime
market, operating as a full-service provider and system integrator of tailor-made, innovative
and sustainable technology solutions covering the whole ship. Imtech Marine specialises in
automation (platform and bridge), navigation & communication including connectivity, energy
and drive solutions, HVAC (heating, ventilation and airconditioning) solutions and fire
protection technology, entertainment, lighting and maritime services. Imtech Marine provides
innovative systems and reliable services during the full lifetime of the ship. In 2011, Imtech
Marine reached annual revenues of 500 million euro, employing over 2,600 staff at 97 offices
in 27 countries, based along shipping routes and close to shipbuilding centres.
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