resume – education, april 2011

Rachel M. Visser
RR 1
“…an awesome help…
she totally knew what
she was doing!”
T.O.C in Ms. Pudlas’s
grade 7 room
Thorsby, AB T0C 2P0
[email protected]
Dedicated elementary school looking for employment opportunities within the Christian school
environment. Strong work ethic, reformed faith, and much teaching experience, including
having own classroom for a year.
“I can attest to Ms.
Visser being totally up to
the task of administering
Christian curriculum … in
the context of her own
“Rachel maintains a
positive attitude…shows
great respect and
patience when
interacting with the
diverse learners…”
“… I would recommend
Rachel as a valuable
member of any school
Ms. Tamara Pudlas,
Humanities 7 teacher
at Stafford Middle
“She shows a genuine
love for our profession.”
“She has worked hard to
make our classroom a
fun and safe
“Rachel is very clear with
instructions and students
rarely need clarification.”
Mrs. Ginger Walker,
Mentor teacher in
Kindergarten at
Thorsby Elementary
Thosrby Elementary School, Thorsby, AB
IPT Student Teacher, November – December 2010
Successfully completed five weeks in a kindergarten classroom.
Planned and implemented inquiry based lessons with two different classes.
Taught over 50% for two consecutive weeks.
Built good relations and reached out to various students.
Christian Liberty Academy, Paramaribo, Suriname, South America
High school teacher, August 2009-May 2010
Taught English 9-12 and Chemistry 11 in a Christian school setting to students
who often spoke English as a second or third language.
Planned and executed lessons and activities for the whole year.
Communicated with the principal in matters relating to the classroom and severe
Acted as staff representative and coach for the school’s high school football
(soccer) team.
Tutored students, generally in the higher grades, but also from grade 2, with
their more difficult courses.
Stafford Middle School, Langley, BC
Classroom Volunteer, September 2008-June 2009
Assisted teachers in both grade seven and eight classrooms. Responsibilities
ranged from implementing lessons to answering questions to photocopying.
With teacher supervision, planned and executed lessons to complement the
teacher’s plans.
Participated and assisted in integrated fine arts as well as PE and technology
Simonds Elementary School, Langley, BC
Classroom Volunteer, January-June 2008
Volunteered twice a week in a grade 3/4 classroom.
Led some group discussions and was available for student questions.
Education & Credentials
University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
Bachelor of Education Degree, September 2010-Present
Completing last two years of a Bachelor of Elementary Education
Expected graduation of December 2011
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
Bachelor of Arts, September 2008-May 2009
Completed a year of studies towards a Bachelor of Arts degrees, with
enough credits for a major in history
Kwantlen University College (now Kwantlen Polytechnic University), Langley, BC
Bachelor of Arts, September 2006-May 2008
Completed two years of a Bachelor of Arts degree, focus in history.
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