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Academic Services
Under supervision of the Director of Learning Resources and Instructional Media and
the College District Librarians, in consultation with the faculty from the academic and
vocational areas, will coordinate the development and maintenance of a well-rounded
collection of resource materials of the highest possible standard no matter of modality
or location.
The Library has the responsibility of providing materials on opposing sides of
controversial issues, as well as being representative of the many groups and opinions
prevalent in our society. The Librarians and Director will place reason above prejudice
in the selection of materials.
These materials will:
1. Enrich and support the curriculum of the College.
2. Be provided in a variety of formats, print, electronic, visual and audio, to serve
students on and off the campus.
3. Provide a background of information which will enable students to make
intelligent judgments in their daily lives.
4. E n c o ur a ge l i t e r a c y a n d i n f o r ma ti o n c o m p e te n c y . Include materials
in the book and magazine collection that encourage literacy.
5. Be maintained by continual evaluation, procurement and replacement.
Gifts to the collection will be used only if they enhance the collection by the above
criteria. Determination of additions to the collection will be made by the Director
of Learning Resources and District Librarians.
To insure the adequacy of the collection, the Director and Librarians will review the
materials according to professional standards developed in the field for community
college libraries. The Library provides training to students so that library resources may
be accessed and used effectively and efficiently. The Library will provide reference help
from a Librarian all the hours the Library is open.
If library materials are questioned or challenged by students, College District
employees, or members of the community, the questions should be directed in writing to
the Director of Learning Resources and Instructional Media, signed by the person raising
the question, and indicating specific objections, page references, etc. The questioned
materials will then be reviewed by the Director and the College District Librarians. When
this review has been completed, the Director will respond in writing to the
question/challenge and forward copies of the letter to the Superintendent/President. The
questioner may accept the review, or present an appeal through the
Superintendent/President to the Board of Trustees.
Instructional Media Services will provide and maintain equipment used in conjunction
with instruction. This equipment includes those permanently installed in a classroom,
as well as equipment borrowed from the office of Media Services. The staff in Media
Services will select equipment in consultation with faculty and in coordination with
technology standards/guidelines developed by the College. The Media Services staff
will work closely with faculty to develop electronic instructional media for their classes.
The Media Services staff will coordinate with instructors who assign their students
projects which involve media development and provide support to the students
whenever possible.
The Tutorial Center will provide access and opportunities for students to improve their
basic skills, including: reading, writing, techniques for studying and computer literacy.
The Tutorial Center will also provide tutoring for specific subjects and classes based on
the needs of students. Student tutors will receive training on how to tutor effectively.
References: Title 5, Education Code Section 78100, 78101, 78103; Civil Code
Section 1798.90
Accreditation Standard II.C March 10, 2009
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9-15-14; Jennifer La Serna
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9-25-14; Senior Management
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11-15-14; 30 Day Review
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