February 2015

FW Faculty Meeting
February 2014
Attending: Dan Roby, Corinne Morozumi, Scarlett Arbuckle, Fiona Tomas Nash, Taal Levi, Stan Gregory,
Kathy Boyer, Susie Dunham, Nancy Allen, David Noakes, Bruce Coblentz, Luke Painter, Linda Ashkenas,
Steven Brandt, Grant Thompson, Carl Schreck, Scott Heppell, Dave Paoletti, Clint Epps, Selina Heppell,
Tiffany Garcia, Alan Herihly, Brian Sidlauskas, Dana Warren, Liz Kelly, Dana Sanchez, Jim Hall, Guillermo
Giannico, Katie Dugger, Bruce Dugger, Judy Li, Bob Lackey, Jim Peterson, Sam Cheung, Sandy DeBano,
Dave Wooster, Michael Banks, Kathleen O’Malley, David Sampson, Ann Leen
3:00 – 3:15
Associate Department Head – discussion and vote
Dr. Bruce Dugger is the only applicant for this position. I will ask for questions and comments,
then a silent yay or nay vote to appoint him as Associate Dept. Head, effective as soon as
paperwork can be finalized. - Vote was unanimously in favor of Bruce Dugger as Associate
Department Head.
3:15 – 3:30
Reports and Announcements
Aaron Moffett announced the account consolidation of the ONID and Roots emails. Log
in and change your Roots account password to match your ONID password. Log out
Tuesday night but leave your computer turned on.
Committees will have an opportunity to make reports each month – Curriculum
Committee, Faculty Senators, Diversity Committee, Grad Committee
Where in the World is FW map (B. Dugger): Map is now live. Check your pin(s) for
accuracy. There are 180 pins (130 active).
Search updates (Garcia, Sanchez)
Stream Ecologist – Capps withdrew from the search due to an offer from U
Georgia. The fourth candidate will be coming in mid-March. Tiff will hand off
the role of search chair for this portion as she will be on maternity leave.
Human Dimensions – 56 completed application packets. Dana is happy with the
quality and abundance of applications. The committee will meet on Monday for
initial screening.
Graduate Advising update (Se Heppell): Lisa Pierson is not able to be on campus and will
now work with on-line students only (Certificate, PSM). Susie Dunham is taking over as
graduate advisor with the help of Nancy Allen. E-campus does not support grad advising
at this point.
Other announcements, updates, etc. – Congratulations to Dana Warren. He has a
tenure track appointment that we are sharing with Forestry
3:30 – 4:00
Priority Staffing –Call for PS this year includes “enabling support” – positions for
instructors, advisors, or staff to support department operations. We discussed priorities a bit;
some background information on Ecampus expenditures is below. Ecampus is not the cash cow
that it used to be, due to plateau in enrollment, taxes on revenue, and increased instructor
costs. This year there is no money (yet – maybe July) so basically we are letting CAS know where
our needs are. We will also support (but not fund) 2 positions that the Coastal Oregon Marine
Experiment Station is requesting.
4:00 – 4:45
Department Head search (Dean Arp and Dan Edge)
Discussions were held on how the search would progress.
 Open search – It was agreed that an open search be held.
 Timing – It can easily take a year to get a new person in place. It was decided to open
the search this summer, closing in the fall, with interviews to take place in late fall with
the hopes of getting someone in by June or September 2016.
 The College will appoint the search committee. Advised the makeup of the committee
be comprised of on campus, off campus (e.g. Hatfield) and other stakeholders (e.g.
USGS, ODFW or NOAA). The chair – usually a Department head from another
department – must have search advocate training.
 The Dean does not want a ranking of the candidates, but recommendations. He will
make the final selection.
 Only the committee will see the list of candidates before the final list is selected.
Confidentiality is an issue at this level. However, Dean Arp is willing to make a case with
HR that the Department should have input at the short list level. (10 – 12)
 Typically plan to bring in 4 candidates.
 Backfill of faculty position if an internal candidate is selected is not a guarantee. The
“spirit” of the hire is to replace an internal candidate if selected but can’t make a
promise at this point.
4:45 – 5:00
Discussion of Deans comments on Department Head hiring followed.
Priority Staffing – Points for consideration
1. We have three new positions – Taal Levi (new position), Stream Ecologist (replaces Stan
Gregory), Human Dimensions (new position). This reduces our likelihood of gaining a new
tenure track position in the near future.
2. The FY ‘14-15 budget for the department includes $1.8 million in Ecampus revenue. We are
not quite on track to meet that target, due to the “taxes” on revenue and slight decrease in
Summer 2014:
IN: $252,822 Ecampus tuition + $127,707 “on campus” (includes GRA, GTA thesis
credits) + $37,500 (Ecampus advisor support). Total: $418,029
OUT (personnel only): $382,340
Fall 2014:
IN: $489,560 (Ecampus)+ $110,889 (tuition remissions) + $35,700 (Ecampus advisor
support). Total: $600,449
OUT (personnel only): about $550,000 w/ approx. $65,000 for on-campus support
Ecampus revenue total so far: $742,342, 41% of expected for year. Fall is our biggest
year for Ecampus revenue, normally.
3. Ecampus revenue currently subsidizes on-campus instructors, on campus GTAs, front office
staff, our on-campus Internship Coordinator, administrative salary for our Associate
Department Head, our Graduate Programs Coordinator, and advising staff OPE. My
estimates last year were that we needed 30-40% overhead on Ecampus revenue to meet
these costs.
4. Our colleagues at the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station (COMES) are submitting
Priority Staffing requests for 2 tenure track positions. We could partner with them to
provide some teaching FTE, which could improve our on-campus teaching deficit.
Because time was too short to have a full discussion, Selina submitted a request for the maximum
amount for enabling support ($100,000/year) for the following, to be matched in most cases with
Ecampus $$ (note that these positions are now entirely funded by Ecampus):
Internship Coordinator (on campus – position currently held by Danielle Jarkowsky)
Administrative Programs Assistant (Position currently held by Leighann Auer)
On-campus Instructors Reese and Diebel to teach required courses FW 255 Field Sampling and
FW 489 Effective Communications in FW
Graduate Programs Advisor (position currently split between Lisa Pierson and Susie Dunham)
Associate Department Head (position soon to be held by Bruce Dugger)
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