Haitian Revolution and Latin American Independence Movements

Haitian Revolution and Latin American
Independence Movements
Haitian Revolution
Saint-Domingue Pre-Revolution
1. What were the main exports of Saint-Domingue prior to the revolution?
2. What type of professions did petit blancs have?
3. Some were angry at the tariffs that France implemented on imports to the
island, especially since it could not trade with anyone besides France. What
economic system was the French using in this circumstance?
4. What was the ratio of slaves to everyone else in Sanit-Domingue?
5. How did the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen lead to fighting on
the island?
Haitian Revolution
6. Who emerged as the leader of the slave revolt?
7. Which European countries fought to take control of the island between 1791
and 1798?
8. How did France’s National Convention impact the revolution?
Napoleon in Haiti
9. What did L’Ouverture do in 1801?
10. How did Haiti relate to Napoleon’s greater plans in the New World?
11. What did Napoleon do in 1801 to retake the island?
12. Why didn’t French military success in Haiti last?
13. How was L’Ouverture captured? What happened to him?
14. What did the French do to reinvigorate the Haitian resistance to French
15. What did Napoleon do after realizing his chances of retaking Haiti were
16. What happened to Haiti in 1804? What was the significance?
Latin American Independence
1. How did the French invasion of the Iberian Peninsula trigger Latin American
Independence movements?
Simon Bolivar
2. Which modern countries did Bolivar help liberate from Spain?
Haitian Revolution and Latin American
Independence Movements
Jose de San Martin
3. Which modern countries did San Martin liberate from Spain?
4. How did many view San Martin’s leadership as compared to Bolivar?
Mexican War for Independence
5. Who launched the war for Mexican Independence?
6. Who continued the fight against Spain after Hidalgo’s death?
7. When did Mexico gain independence from Spain? What treaty ended
8. Who was the first leader of independent Mexico? What type of government
was put in place?
Brazilian Independence
9. When did the Portuguese government move to Brazil? Why?
10. When did the Portuguese government move back to Portugal?
11. Who did the Portuguese leave in charge of Brazil?
12. When did Brazil declare independence? Why?
13. How was Brazilian independence different from other Latin American
Independence movements?
The Monroe Doctrine
14. When was the Monroe Doctrine issued? Who issued it? What country issued
15. What did the Monroe Doctrine say?
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