Textbook Module Norms and Information

A little overview/history of the textbook
module purchase (individual schools to
now central for all secondary). What are
the benefits of a central system and how
will/can we begin to use that to benefit
Discussion on best practices/realistic
expectations norms-realizing that different
schools have different staffing situations
and balancing that with fiscal
Process for changing a textbook from
overdue to lost (when to do, how to do,
why you should)
How to work with other schools when
their students have your books or your
students have their books (usually for
students who have moved). Being a good
Fines versus overdue/lost (don’t use
both). Waiving vs paying
District resource sharing, centralized
LRS with schools will be setting base line
expectations for all schools. If your school
decides to do more, that is your choice.
With textbooks, it is best to change from
overdue to lost right after the end of the
time the textbooks are due. That way,
when obligation notices/lists/letters are
prepared, the cost of the textbook will be
in the total owed.
 LRS can run a report for your school
to mark all textbooks that are Overdue
to Lost after “x” number of days.
This will be on the end of the year
check list but if you’d like it run earlier,
contact Debbie.
A help sheet for this process will be posted
on the LRS website.
Share as much as you can. If you borrow
something from someone (another school),
you should return that item or reimburse
the lending school with another book or
the money. Use common sense and try to
work things out realizing that things do
We don’t charge daily fines, but when a
textbook is not returned, you should mark
it lost and then Destiny creates a “fine”
which is a charge for the book.
Don’t place a manual fine on the
book/student also for the same item.
Working on some end of the year and/or
beginning of the next clean up procedures
(users who have left the district, books that
are long overdue)
Some site-based suggestions on how to
encourage students to return (or pay for)
books and discussion on the cost of doing
business & differing economic
A help sheet for this process will be posted
on the LRS website
We will address this later in the year
Many great ideas were shared. See the list
below. Make sure to have your
principal’s approval before instituting
new procedures.
 Some ideas on how to get books
 Call or send a letter home
 Note/list to teachers
 Do an all school call
 Can’t checkout unless books are
returned (cannot withhold textbooks
 Work in partnership with teachers
 Bartering with students who owe for
lost/damaged books (if they can’t pay
whole amount)
 Send home a sheet that requires a
parent’s signature
 Locker notes – put the overdue notices
inside student lockers
 Can’t try out for sports or play in
games if items or money is owed
 Can’t buy tickets for
homecoming/prom & so on if
items/money is owed
 Display lists by core teachers of books
still not returned. Teacher whose
students get books in first gets cookies
 Just have lots of personal
conversations with students
 Use a phone tree
Textbook and class associations in Destiny
– for those who want this level (how to set
up, reports to run, training)
For Coronado and MS besides Sabin –
setting up time for us to help you & train
you to enter additional textbook titles to
start taking full advantage of this system.
ILL sharing procedures and discussion on
sharing/lending versus transferring
ownership (right now for district
purchased copies)
Inventory – the best time to do it is while
most books are checked out! What
training or procedures do we need for
For schools without a textbook room
and/or textbook staff, sharing some
suggestions that are working.
What other textbook related training,
procedure sheets, and discussions do we
need to address?
Changes in add title and covering
adding/editing copies
Phil will provide training and
documentation for any school interested in
this functionality.
Contact Debbie if you are ready for
textbook training on how to add more
book/copies on the textbook side. We will
train you, and may be able to come and
help you add additional titles/copies. For
novel sets this could start at any time, but
for the majority of the textbooks you will
need to wait until most of the books are
returned so they can be barcodes. (We
could make sure the titles & a few copies
were entered and then you could enter the
rest when the books are returned.) Realize
that if Instruction says that a book is no
longer approved for use in the
classroom, we will remove those copies
from Destiny.
A help sheet for transferring (either
temporarily or permanently) will be on the
LRS website.
Help sheets on how to do textbook
inventory will be posted to the LRS
Debbie and Jennifer will schedule either in
person training and/or online “office
hours” for assistance with doing textbook
Schools are still struggling with
this. Some have made some space in the
library, others plan to store books in
classrooms, and some are not sure what to
do with the textbooks when they are not
checked out.
We didn’t get to this – but what else do
you need from us?
Titles are added centrally.
E-mail Debbie (or Connie or Jennifer) the
information and we will add the titles.
Usually added within 1 day.
Need the ISBN(s), title, author, publisher,
copyright date, price, subject area and
grade levels.
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