Meeting Minutes

Student Government
Meeting Minutes
August 28, 2009
I. Call to order
Katie Navarro called to order the regular meeting of the Student Government
Association at 1:08P.M. on August 28, 2009 in HS.
II. Roll call
Brittany Benson conducted a roll call. The following persons were present:
Brittany Benson, Hope Chitwood, Annette Lopez, Josh Mulanax, Katie Navarro,
Ben Rincker, Terri Dubay, Bryan Goodin, Laura Greenlee, Daniel Hardt, Katie
Hendrickson, Julie Husong, Bryan Kirby, Josh Lee, Kyle Pendleton, Michelle
Smith, Andrew Stinson, Tou Yang
Organizations: All except ABC, Sigma Tau Gamma, and CRU Bartlesville were
III. Treasurer Report
Josh Mulanax reported that there is $23,000 in the SGA budget this year.
$4,600-45.73= $4.554.27
Student Body $18, 400
Total = $22, 954.27
 Discussed funds proposals
IV. Parliamentarian Report
Annette Lopez discussed parli pro and talked about the reference sheets
V. Public Relations
Hope Chitwood discussed how she will reach the student body this semester (text
messages, banner with info) - asked for suggestions and sent around a contact
sheet, talked about giveaways giveaways
VI. Public Relations
Hope Chitwood discussed how she will reach the student body this semester (text
messages, banner with info) - asked for suggestions and sent around a contact
sheet, talked about giveaways giveaways
VII. Vice Presidents Report
Bens Rincker- introduction about himself- made himself available to the body for
any complaints
There was a motion by Ben Rincker to make Dan Hardt the mullet poster
2nd by Dan
Consented by body
VIII. Guest Speakers
Student Activities
BJ Armstrong
 Homecoming- discussed homecoming
Stephanie Falch- pizza party for Greek organization and organization that
brings the most alumnus to homecoming
 Parking lot will be reserved for homecoming, No parade (maybe shopping
Ronna HatleySpoke about fund proposals and all paperwork needed
Explained the process of asking for funds
Gary Boergermann Campus Police
 Discussed raising parking violation fees (parking, moving, disability, fire
lane) and introduced news laws pertaining to several violations
(unauthorized hang-tag permit, fraudulent use of physical disability, and
tobacco policy)
 E-mail him with any other questions and concerns
Misty Smith & CAT
 Sarah Pate entertainment - meeting tonight at 5:30 to discuss Sept calendar
 Amy Paschal - big week committee on facebook
Austin Trip - $250 with a lot of cool things included, may be open up to
non-students, but as of right now...NO, Co-ed rooms, may have alcoholic
beverages if over 21.
Follow-up with O.I.L
 Annette talked about OIL follow-up, and how the program is ran. They
returned the balance form their trip back to the student body budget.
 Renee acknowledged as best legislation while being a freshmen
IX. New Business
Community Counseling
Explanation of organization presented by Daniel Hardt and Candi Nichols
 Ben moved to accept the group as an organization on campus
o 2nd by Josh lee
o Consent by Michelle Smith
o Objection by Dave Nichols
 Vote on objection – denied by body
Accepted as an organization on campus
X. Presidents Report
 Katie talked about New Senators- deadline for applications extended time
till next Friday, September 4 at 5P.M.
 Elections 8th – 10th
 Advisor agreement lists, needed ASAP
 (Hanging a flag on Main Street is very possible, Chambers -need
volunteers for bluegrass festival, Dickens on blvd, senator of the month,
and door prizes, shirts, promotional items, online voting in the works,
recycling program, paper)
XI. Student Forum
Discussion about:
 Temp control in classrooms to save money
 Ben’s goals - Ben’s List coupons
XII. Announcements
 Yearbook for organizations (Organizational page for people that need to
know more about your organization)
 Annette - Homecoming King and Queen Resolution
 Student Nursing see Ben
 CRU big celebration Tuesday
 Constitution day Sept 17th
 Spanish Bake Sale next Friday 3pm - looking for new members
 Nightmare Smash 3 – twisted Alice and Wonderland
 Hill post- please send any info, events, at least a month in advance to
 Go see Dan Next Fri. at 10am all you can eat Rib contest at Billy Sims
 Hillcat was chosen to go to Nationals
 SIFE meeting opposite week of SGA meetings
 OIL meeting in lounge centennial Wed 3:30
XIII. Adjournment
Josh Lee made a motion to adjourn the meeting
2nd by Kyle Pendleton
 Consent by body
Katie Navarro adjourned the meeting at 2:35P.M.
Minutes submitted by: Brittany Benson
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